SAFTA: A sports analogy: fantasy football and politics

Adina Safta poses with a book authored by Donald Trump.

Historically, fantasy football has been the highlight of the NFL season all around the country. Fantasy football is unique to other sports because of the fact that you are not rooting for a team, rather a player whom you believe in. Extensive research goes into looking at the history of the player and their record, in order to weigh the pros and cons of choosing that player to be on your fantasy team.

With football season now over, we kick off our Primary election season.

Spend as much time researching your primary ballot as you would treat your fantasy football team. Mark the circle next to their name if you are confident that they can win in the General Election for you. Ask yourself the question “Does this candidate have the experience to fulfill the promises that they are making?” It takes five minutes to research and look at the candidate’s history and experience. Some tips for where to get started:

NC Voter Record – look at how they voted in the past

LinkedIn Experience – validate their qualifications

White pages – look at their history and background

NC Secretary of State – verify if they own a business

Campaign Website – compare their promises to your research

For too long we’ve heard politicians talk the talk and forget to walk the walk. In some way, we can’t fully blame them or hold them accountable if we are the ones electing them based on false narratives or amplified campaigns.

Albert Einstein is oft-attributable as saying; “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

The primary election is more critical than the general election. On a ballot with twelve positions, there will typically be 2-3 candidates to choose from. In the primary is when you can choose the best person for the job and to represent your party.

Many political groups, PACs, politicians, and leaders stress the fact that they are staying out of the primary. In fantasy football, that’s like getting the first draft and saying that you will pass on it and wait until the end to choose from whatever is left. Nobody does that.

If you stay out of the primary, then you should really just stay out of the entire election. We should focus on electing the right people, rather than the party. Once you get to the general, you have one candidate per position to represent your party. Don’t make the mistake of voting down the ballot and being fooled by the person’s letter next to their name.

Grab your friends, print out your district ballot and throw a Primary Season Party. Research the candidates, ask questions, and make it fun! Our elections don’t have to be boring and we the people, don’t have to sit this one out. Fantasy Football is every year. Our elections are every 2-4 years. Make this election count and let’s send the best players to the General Election!

Adina Safta is in public relations and lives in Wake County.