Republicans sweep North Carolina top judicial races

RALEIGH — All six Republicans running for top judicial seats in North Carolina are projected to win their races.

With 93.33% (2,478 out of 2,655) of the vite in as of 10:45 p.m., Republican Richard Dietz is expected to defeat Democrat Lucy Inman for the N.C. Supreme Court Seat Three. At this point, unofficial results show Dietz up 52.79% to Inman’s 47.21%.

Likewise, Republican Trey Allen is projected to beat Seat Five incumbent Associate Justice Sam J. Ervin IV, a Democrat. Allen is up 52.62% of the vote to Ervin’s 47.36% of ballots cast.

Republicans are projected to sweep the N.C. Court of Appeals races for a second time.

Republican Julee Flood is projected to win Seat Eight over Democrat Carolyn Jennings Thompson. As of the 10:22 p.m. precinct updates, Flood led Thompson 52.58% to 47.42%.

Current Chief Judge Donna Stroud, a Republican, is also expected to win over Democrat Brad Salmon. She currently leads Salmon by almost 10%.

Incumbent Republican Judge John Tyson, who holds Seat 10, is likely to be reelected as well, leading his Democratic opponent Gale Murray Adams by more than 6%.

Seat 11 is projected to be won by Republican Michael Stading. He currently leads Democrat and former legislator Darren Jackson by more than 6%

These results are still unofficial. This story is ongoing and may be updated.