Dozens of new food options at the State Fair

RALEIGH — The wait is over to see what the hot new foods at this year’s North Carolina State Fair will be, after a list of 37 drool-inspiring gastronomic creations has been released.

Deep-fried everything is once again the name of the food game, including desserts and various ice cream creations.

State Fair Food 2019
Red Velvet Cheese Enchilada Funnel Cake

Concoctions, like the Candied Apple Hushpuppies with Cheerwine Sugar Glaze, bring sweet to a whole new level, as does the Apple Spice or Cherry Wobbler, which are homemade waffles rolled in cinnamon sugar topped with choice of fruit filling and a dollop of heavy whipped cream.

An unusual item this year is the Deep-Fried Emu Burrito which features North Carolina ground emu, along with rice, pepper and onions, black beans and queso stuffed in a tortilla, which is then deep fried.

Other new dishes include shawarma-spiced Loaded Lamb Nachos, a savory red velvet funnel cake topped with cheese and enchilada sauces, and the “JoCo HoHo,” which consists of North Carolina jalapeno peppers stuffed with cheese and brisket that are deep-fried and served on a stick.

State Fair Food 2019
Campfire on a stick

Speaking of sticks, fairgoers can enjoy a tower of deep-fried olives or a stack of mini pancakes and toasted marshmallows covered in chocolate and a graham cracker topping that’s been dubbed a “Campfire on a Stick.”

A variety of loaded baked potatoes, fritters, Pimento Cheese Crab Balls and other items are offered, including savory items like the Chickenator, a golden fried chicken breast served on a cinnamon bun, and topped with crispy bacon, pepper jack cheese and a zesty honey sauce.

Southern comfort foods are brought together in the “Crack-n-Cheese stuffed leg.” The leg is a turkey leg stuffed with smoked turkey BBQ and homemade macaroni & cheese which is topped with Hickory Tree BBQ’s signature sauce and turkey cracklins.

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