Stir It Up

Appalachian Caipirinha

“A caipirinha is a traditional cocktail from Brazil. It’s straightforward and simple: cachaça, sugar, and lime. Cachaça is kind of like Brazilian hooch, so it was natural to think about moonshine when trying to do a North Carolina take on the drink. The ginger is a natural complement to lime that adds a great little aromatic bite. The bitters—with wonderful notes of anise, cherry, and wood—adds some dimension. It’s fun to express a local spirit that we in the South have been enjoying for generations in a cocktail that’s known around the world.” — John Parra, Fox Liquor Bar, RaleighAppalachian Caipirinha1 small lime, cut into 8 wedges1 pinch kosher salt4 dashes Peychaud’s Bitters½ ounce honey syrup*2 ounces Troy & Sons Platinum MoonshineBlenheim Old #3 Hot – Red Cap Ginger Ale1 large slice fresh ginger root*Make honey syrup by heating and stirring 3 parts honey and 1 part water until combined.Muddle lime wedges and salt in a cocktail shaker. Add bitters, honey syrup, and moonshine. Add ice and shake aggressively for 5-7 seconds. Pour in an ice-filled double rocks glass, top with ginger ale, and garnish with a slice of fresh ginger root.