HILL: Trump is no dictator

They watch the morning shows with Joe and Mika with the same sort of quizzical detachment as a person feels when they go to a circus to be entertained

Former President Donald Trump enters at a campaign event on June 18, 2024, in Racine, Wisconsin. (Jeffrey Phelps / AP Photo)

Liberal Democrats: Please stop.

Please stop declaring Donald Trump will be a “dictator” if he wins the White House this fall. It makes you look silly ― and if there is one thing American politics doesn’t need today, it is more silliness.


For one thing, real dictators don’t wait for a second term to start imprisoning political opponents and killing innocent citizens. Hitler took power in 1933 and immediately started intimidating German Jewish citizenry and setting into motion the deadly apparatus to harass, imprison and ultimately annihilate 6 million Jews.

Do Democrats even know what real dictators do?

They censor people with whom they disagree. They intimidate the free press which writes about issues for the other side of the political spectrum. They use the coercive power of the government and its judicial process and policing authorities to harass and imprison their political enemies.

And then they kill and murder tens of millions of innocents just because they feel like it. Do some homework today and google “how many people did Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin and Pol Pot murder” so you can get a feel for what a true murderous megalomaniacal dictator is really like.

If anything, the Biden administration, operating under the direction and imprimatur of former President Barack Obama and his cronies, has proven they are far more synonymous with the behavior of a dictator, short of mass murder, than any Republican president.

Does anyone need to be reminded of the massive “cancel culture” efforts that raised its venomous head after Obama and Biden were elected? Which party has indiscriminately abused the power of the CIA and FBI, and appointed left-wing radical socialist DAs and judges to concoct a ruse like the Russian Collusion hoax? Which party has authorized raids on conservatives’ homes, including former President Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate, with liberal media camera crews ready to film every breathless second of it as if it were an episode of “Cops”?

Which party has supported violent demonstrations and blockades on roads and campuses for every issue from global warming to BLM to pro-Palestine “death to all Jews!” protests?

The Democratic Party of the United States of America.

How about IRS Commissioner Lois Lerner who, under the Obama White House and with full complicity of President Obama and his senior staff advisers, selectively denied applications for nonprofit status from anyone associated with the Tea Party, constitutional governance or conservative think tanks?

There was nothing random about her efforts. Liberal groups got nonprofit status approved as soon as they licked the postage stamps on the envelope in which they mailed their application.

One other thing dictators and their henchmen do is they accuse their political opponents of doing precisely the evil, unethical and unlawful things they are doing themselves or will do in the future. One reason why they are so worried about losing the White House this fall is they have discovered how easy it is to prosecute political opponents and throw them in jail ― just witness the dozens of Trump associates who have been sentenced, one for failing to properly fill out his Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) lobbying form.

However, never fear, liberal commentators and aides to President Biden and Obama and Hillary Clinton before him. You are not going to be rounded up and sent to prison if President Trump wins a second term.

For one thing, no one on the right cares what far-left liberals say, think or do any longer. They watch the morning shows with Joe and Mika and the evening talk shows with Rachel Maddow with the same sort of quizzical detachment as a person feels when they go to a circus to be entertained.

For another thing, conservatives think it is a complete waste of time to go after political hacks on the left when there are so many other real problems to face such as inflation, high interest rates, jobs and foreign threats from China, Russia and Iran.

The final reason why Trump will not be a dictator if elected is simple: The Second Amendment. The moment 60-80 million legal gun owners ― who own close to 350 million firearms ― see Brown Shirt Storm Troopers goose-stepping down the street to drag people out of their homes and throw them into prison will be the moment even anti-gun activists will be glad someone is prepared to prevent a real dictator from taking over America.

Come up with some other reasons why America should keep the sad, dazed and confused Joe Biden in office if you will. Calling Trump a would-be dictator is not one of them.

Happy Independence Day.