HILL: Reacting to Trump’s conviction in a productive way

For the first time in American history, political opponents are trying to imprison political opponents for being ― political opponents

A political activist knocks on a door in Iowa in January. (Jill Colvin / AP Photo)

Donald Trump was convicted last Thursday on 34 felony charges in which no one can cite a specific law he violated.

For the first time in American history, political opponents are trying to imprison political opponents for being ― political opponents.

“What is happening to our country?” many people moan as they clutch their pearls, wring their hands and twist themselves into the ground in despair.

The more pertinent question they need to answer is this: “What am I going to do about it?”

It may sound odd that any individual can do anything about a felony court case against a former president in New York City. However, complaining doesn’t work. Writing your congressman doesn’t work. Contributing as much money as possible to candidates and independent committees is helpful ― but not everyone can write big checks and go on their merry way.

The one thing every single person can do is be part of our participatory democracy. Each person reading this can become a “community organizer” for free. It doesn’t cost any money. It only requires time and effort.

“Elections have consequences,” President Barack Obama sneered at Republicans who wanted to amend his Obamacare bill in 2009 to no avail. No kidding. The massive politicization and weaponization of our country’s judicial system by progressive leftists started with his election in 2008 and has continued through the disastrous presidency of his vice president, Joe Biden.

Most conservatives are furious at the outcome of what they perceive to be a rigged trial from the beginning. Some want to take it to the streets and fight them with conventional weapons which could take years and cost millions of lives, as Eric Stratton told his fraternity brothers at Faber College. Clay Travis, a syndicated talk radio show host, is urging DAs in red states to sue every elected Democrat for any alleged “crime” to make them “feel the same pain” as was inflicted upon Trump.

Why would any conservative resort to using the judicial system in the same twisted manner for political purposes as the other side loves to do? It is fascism when they do it ― it would be fascism if we did it as well.

The United States has remained above all of that ― until Thursday afternoon, May 29, 2024, when the American political system exploded like the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Trump can say this from now until November: “If they can do this to me, they can do this to you!” Millions of Americans who have never voted or cared about politics intuitively know something is seriously wrong with giving Democrats another four years to control our government when they have egregiously abused such a privilege to date.

Every reader can use the same message and get hundreds of people to vote against Biden and every elected Democrat who supports him ― and it won’t cost a penny.

Every reader should pledge to get 100 conservatives who are either not registered to vote or who have not voted regularly to vote against Biden in November. Call them. Meet with them. Hold voter registration parties at your home or in the 19th hole of your local golf course. There are four months to get a hundred new people ready to vote ― 25 people per month is not too much of a burden to bear if you really want to save the Republic from progressive fascism.

Half the people sitting next to you in evangelical churches are not registered to vote. The names of all registered voters are entered as public record on the State Board of Elections (SBE) website. Each person’s personal record of voting in past elections (but not how they voted) is listed as well. Go to the website today and start looking for the names of everyone you know from your church, business or civic group. If they are not registered, invite them to one of your parties and have registration cards — which can be downloaded from the SBE website — available for them to fill out. Make sure they fill it out and mail it back to SBE. And then make sure they vote early starting in October.

Do the same thing with friends you know who did not vote in the last presidential election, or worse, voted for Biden. Talk to them. Tell them they have to vote against Biden or else we are going to suffer another four years of not only his weaponization of the legal system against free Americans but his dismal policies as well.

Stop waiting for Trump, the national Republican Party or independent political committees to do it. An organic volunteer movement that gets millions of new voters to vote against Democrats this fall will accomplish the mission.