HUDSON: Protecting freedom and democracy

"These overreaching mandates are an attempt to shut down the use of natural gas and force electric appliances on families"

(Jenny Kane / AP Photo)

As a limited government conservative, I’ve always been a big believer in you having the freedom to choose what’s best for you and your family.

Sadly, the Biden Administration does not share this view. The latest example — Biden’s Department of Energy is now trying to take control of your home appliances in the name of an anti-energy agenda, imposing new burdensome regulations on appliances that you rely on every single day like dishwashers and air conditioners. These overreaching mandates are an attempt to shut down the use of natural gas and force electric appliances on families — even if they are more expensive and less reliable. This comes at a time when folks are already being crushed by rising costs thanks to inflation.

I will always prioritize the needs of hardworking families like yours. That’s why last week, I joined my House Republican colleagues in taking action against the Biden Administration’s efforts to erode your freedoms by passing the Hands off our Home Appliances Act. I was successful in getting an amendment included that would prevent the Department of Energy’s ill-advised or misguided energy efficiency standards for distribution transformers from taking effect.

One of the many lessons we learned from the Moore County 2022 grid attack is that we cannot afford disruptions to our grid. This amendment to the Hands off our Home Appliances Act helps protect our nation’s grid security and strengthen our domestic supply chains.

In addition to protecting our energy grid, last week the House also took action to protect our democracy. The census informs how our government divides up congressional districts and Electoral College votes for each state. An accurate count ensures American voters have equal representation. Yet, under the current process, the census counts people who are noncitizens, like illegal migrants, in a state’s population — skewing the representation of American citizens.

American democracy depends on accurate representation and electoral integrity. The Equal Representation Act, which House Republicans passed last week, would protect our democracy by making sure that American citizens — and American citizens only — are counted when determining our voting districts.

I’m committed to preserving the integrity of our elections and to upholding the trust of the American people in their government. This common-sense legislation reinforces the foundation upon which our nation’s democracy stands, helping to foster a system that truly reflects the will of the people.

Safeguarding freedom and ensuring the integrity of our electoral processes are fundamental principles that I will always defend.

Richard Hudson represents the 9th Congressional District in Congress.