Von Canon TV spot named ‘ad of the week’ by national political analyst

Fred Von Canon is running for the GOP nomination in North Carolina's 13th Congressional District.

RALEIGH — An ad in heavy rotation across the Triangle has been noted by national political analyst Henry Olsen in his weekly podcast “Beyond The Polls” last week.

“When you’re trying to break through in a multi-candidate primary, you have to have a group of people who not just think you’re ok, but put you first,” said Olsen. “This is someone who’s trying to make a point. Since this is North Carolina with a strongly evangelical population, a large number of people who will come out in this district are strongly religious Christians, he’s making a play for that vote – without going over the top.”

One of 14 candidates in the crowded 13th District Republican primary, Fred Von Canon has spent heavily on media in the contest.

The ad, titled “Judeo-Christian values,” began running on Feb. 15 according to Von Canon’s campaign.

“From our border to the classroom, the radical left Democrats have waged an all-out war on our Judeo-Christian principles. As a man of faith, I believe that we have the duty to stand up for our values,” the Wake Forest businessman said in a statement.

Olsen also noted that he liked the ad kept Von Canon’s name on the screen throughout most of the ad and that while not the best introductory bio ad he’s seen, it was a good one.

“It helps you understand how someone introducing themselves for the first time to a jaded and districted electorate can make an impact,” Olsen added.