HILL: The geniuses from Kalorama

Former U.S. president Barack Obama speaks during a discussion at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC), in Athens, Greece, Thursday, June 22, 2023. (AP Photo/Thanassis Stavrakis)

Has it dawned on everyone yet that Barack Obama is the only president who has not moved back home to Hawaii, Chicago or wherever he claims home after his tour in the White House?   

Virtually all presidents were like our second president, John Adams, who couldn’t wait to leave Washington. He didn’t even stick around long enough to see his successor, Thomas Jefferson, take the oath of office and move into the White House. 

President Obama, his former Attorney General Eric Holder and the rest of his shadow presidency are operating on a daily basis from Obama’s mansion in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C. There’s no doubt they are orchestrating every move of the woebegone Biden administration.  

Their latest “clever” chess maneuver, in their minds at least, was getting secretaries of state in Colorado and Maine to make unilateral executive decisions to take former President Donald Trump off primary ballots even though primaries start in just a few weeks nationwide. 

Have these strategic geniuses taken everything into account? Apparently not. 

Colorado and Maine say Trump committed insurrection against the United States on Jan. 6, 2021, a charge with which he has never been charged. Even if it was part of the undercurrent of the second impeachment of him after he left office, he was acquitted. 

All the geniuses from Kalorama have done is make Trump a martyr and a folk hero to millions of his already fervent supporters.  They see what Democrats are doing to him and think, “Hey! If they can do that to Trump, they can and probably will do the same thing to me!” 

Score the first F for the Mensas from Kalorama. 

Let’s assume that Democrats in Maine and Colorado are able to keep Trump off primary ballots used to determine the GOP candidate for the fall elections. Would that mean Trump would not be able to garner the requisite number of delegates to be the GOP nominee at their convention in Milwaukee in July? 

Hardly. Given his enormous lead in the polls today, the number of delegates he would lose in Colorado and Maine would be a minor loss given he will probably sweep GOP delegates in the other 48 states easily to win the nomination. If Colorado, Maine and other states adopt a caucus system, the more motivated and now-enraged activists, all Trump people, will flood the gates and give Trump resounding wins. 

Score the second F so far for the Kalorama brain trust for strategic thinking. 

In the slim chance the U.S. Supreme Court allows such a terrible precedent to stand and he is not allowed on the primary or general election ballot in Colorado and Maine, what would prevent the GOP from removing Biden from the ballot in any and all states controlled by the Republican Party? Surely every red state in the south would do it, including Florida and Texas as well as Ohio. 

The ten swing states would then become even more critical where being left off the ballot could mean not being able to garner enough electoral votes to get to the 270-vote majority needed to be elected president in 2024. 

Republicans who control swing states such as Wisconsin and New Hampshire could leave Biden off the ballot and deny him the chance to win their electoral votes just as Democrats in Colorado and Maine are trying to do to Trump. 

Under such a crazy scenario where no candidate garners 270 electoral votes, the selection of the next president would be made in the U.S. House of Representatives. Under the Twelfth Amendment, each state would get one vote which would be determined by a majority vote of each state’s congressional delegation. Currently, the GOP controls 26 state congressional delegations; the Democrats control 22 and two are tied, including North Carolina at 7-7. 

However, the selection would be made after the new Congress is seated and sworn-in. Republicans in North Carolina are assured of picking up three and maybe four congressional seats in the 2024 elections which would turn them into a solidly red congressional delegation driving the number to 27 state delegations. Alaska’s sole representative is a Democrat but could be replaced by a Republican which would make the number 28. Depending on whether it is a wave election against the ineptitude of President Biden and his feckless policies, Republicans could control as many as 32 state congressional delegations and the Democrats could control as few as 18. 

Score the third and final F for the brain surgeons in Kalorama.   

Why not take Biden and Trump off of all state ballots, suspend the 2024 presidential elections; save billions of dollars in interminable and mindless campaign ads and just go right to the House of Representatives in January, 2025 to make the decision? 

That might be the only A+ result which could come from this whole fiasco come to think of it.