HILL: The gathering Cloward-Piven driven deportation storm  

Former U.S. president Barack Obama speaks to the members of the Obama Foundation's leadership program in Athens, Greece, Wednesday, June 21, 2023. Obama is in Greece to attend an international conference on mental health and will also gather with members of the Obama Foundation's leadership program aimed at boosting local initiatives to promote education, entrepreneurship and healthcare access for disadvantaged communities. (AP Photo/Petros Giannakouris)

The manufactured “border crisis” is a real-life experiment to test a theory put forth by two sociology professors at Columbia University in 1966. It is a “crisis” brought about solely by the refusal of the Biden administration to enforce existing immigration law which is a primary duty of our chief executive in the White House. 

Former President Barack Obama has orchestrated the “border crisis” from behind the scenes because of his blind adherence to the Cloward-Piven strategy he learned while at Columbia University. Leftist sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven were professors there while he was an undergraduate from 1981-1983. 


Cloward and Piven explained in a 1966 Nation magazine article that their strategy to flood the United States with illegal immigrants “would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments…The ultimate objective of this strategy — (is) to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income (for every person).” 

Redistribution of income is the primary goal of the Cloward-Piven approach. Another aspect of Cloward-Piven is to run the national debt up to unsustainable levels to destabilize American society so the entire welfare system crumbles and is replaced with God only knows what. 

Mission. Accomplished. Now make it stop. 

President Joe Biden has followed the Cloward-Piven strategy to a “T.” Perhaps he has been an unwitting stooge in the whole drama, as he seems to be on so many other issues.  The mass illegal migration happened on his watch so he owns it politically, lock, stock and barrel.  

Republicans should wrap it around him like plastic industrial heat sheet wrap. 

Ask mayors from every small town such as Eagle Pass, Texas to New York City if their welfare systems have been “overloaded” by now and are on the verge of total collapse. The Cloward-Piven strategy has “succeeded” beyond belief in its execution ― President Obama must be so proud. 

There are major storm clouds brewing in this pivotal election year. There is no consensus on what to do with up to 20 million illegal immigrants who were already in America before 2020.  There is no consensus on what to do in terms of amnesty or citizenship. There is no willingness by Biden and Democrats to find common ground with Republicans. There will never be a national guaranteed income program as long as conservatives hold any sway in Congress. 

The only thing open borders has done is stoke fears and animosity among voting citizens which will be exacerbated this election season as seen in recent elections in Italy, Argentina and The Netherlands. Illegal immigration is now the second most important issue to voters, behind the stagnant economy.   

The next administration will be forced to implement a massive deportation plan ― unless, of course, the majority of Americans hate Donald Trump so much they wind up being hellbent on self-destruction and reelect President Biden to his second term which will be, in effect, President Obama’s fourth term. 

There is already great human tragedy in this ― and it is about to get worse. What happens to illegal immigrants when a new administration comes in determined to defend U.S. borders again? 

In 1954, President Dwight D. Eisenhower granted full authority to the head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service at the time, Gen. Joseph Swing, to work with Border Patrol director, Harland Carter, to round up and deport every immigrant living illegally in the United States who had been there under various policies during and after World War II.  

It was code named, unfortunately, “Operation Wetback.” It could have been called “Operation Boomerang” and left at that. 

The “good news,” if there is any in such massive forced government efforts, was the lack of bloodshed. Most of the illegal self-deported rather than be faced with apprehension, incarceration and forced deportation back to parts unknown. Estimates of self-deportation ranged as high as 90% of the 1.3 illegal immigrants in the US which represented roughly 1% of the population at the time. 

Ninety percent of the eight million illegals since Biden took office, or 7.2 million people, will decide on their own to somehow, someway, find their way back across the border and find some place, most likely in Mexico, to stay or else risk prosecution. They will have lost their life savings and wasted up to three years of their lives because progressive socialist leftists used them as political pawns to bring down the US government. 

Cloward-Piven advocates have had their sociological experiment implemented in public — and the American people want it to stop. The only way to stop the Cloward-Piven flood of illegal immigrants is to elect a president who is not named “Joe Biden” and who will protect U.S. borders. 

Otherwise, another 10 million illegal immigrants will cross U.S. borders before the 2028 elections. It is that simple of a binary choice.