THE WORD: Surely, I am with you always

“The Good Shepherd” (c. 1889) is a painting by Bernhard Plockhorst.

“Surely, I am with you always, even to the end of the age!” Matthew 28:20

Jesus is nearer to me than the closest human friend could be. I know that He is right by me, that He sees me and knows my thoughts and feelings, that He loves me and thinks about me and cheers and inspires and encourages me. So Jesus has become to me, the most real friend in all the world. I try to think of Him continually, and always to love Him — as I would love Him if I saw Him. I tell Him my difficulties, and questions, and temptations, and needs. Thus I try to live all my life with Christ in the closest companionship.

It was said of Moses that “he endured, as seeing Him who is invisible.” Moses never saw God with human eyes — but God was so real to Moses that it was as if he saw Him. The faith of Moses, made God’s presence a constant reality to him.

Such relations with Christ, will establish a very real and personal friendship. We are sure that He is our friend, and, believing in His love, trusting and following Him, living with Him — will soon lead us to love Him in return. Christ hungers for our full confidence, for our most trusting love, and then for our most faithful obedience.

You must believe what Christ says about His love and care for you, about His presence with you, and His desire to help you. Your faith will thus make Him a reality to you. Then you and Christ will become such close and familiar friends, that you will soon learn to walk with Him, to live with Him.

“He Himself has said: I will never leave you or forsake you!” Hebrews 13:5

J.R. Miller was a pastor and former editorial superintendent of the Presbyterian Board of Publication from 1880 to 1911. His works are now in the public domain.