ROBBINS: Welcome to a ‘One of One’ Volume 8

North State Journal publisher Neal Robbins

This week North State Journal kicks off its eighth volume. That transition means we’ve published seven full years of North Carolina’s only statewide newspaper. During this volume, our 400th issue will roll off the press to an ever-expanding audience from across our remarkable state.  

Since Volume 1, Issue 1, on February 28, 2016, North State Journal has sought to deliver a newspaper based on truth and beauty that elevates the conversation from Murphy to Manteo. The goal remains the same in Volume 8.  

As I looked back at seven years of award-winning, journalistic excellence planning for this new issue, the unique stories stood out to me. The writers, editors, designers, and staffers of North State Journal have delivered meaningful and exclusive content over these seven years beyond any level I could’ve ever hoped for when we started North State Journal.  

Volume 8 will be our best volume yet.  

As one of the only growing newspapers in America, we are singularly positioned to deliver high-quality writing in a world-class print product in the coming 52 issues. 

Newspapers are typically numbered as annual volumes — and we are no different. However, I have challenged our editors to make each issue of North State Journal this year a “one of one” issue. North Carolina offers a nearly unlimited quantity of incomparable people, places, and activities. Our goal is to deliver diverse stories, photographs, and designs to make each issue standout from other newspapers — and the prior issue — week after week. 

From a publishing standpoint, we are continuing to invest in our delivery, advertising, and newsgathering platforms to make North State Journal more available, helpful, and capable.  

Since our third volume, our tradition has been to adopt a tagline for new volume that supplements our official tagline — “Elevate the conversation.” This year we will celebrate our status as the only statewide newspaper and deliver truly unique print publications each week making each issue One of One.  

Neal Robbins is the publisher of North State Journal.