NC Republicans reach 3 million voter contacts

RALEIGH — As the calendar flipped to October, North Carolina Republicans marked a milestone in their voter engagement operations. North Carolina Victory, the grassroots arm of the Republican National Committee in North Carolina, exceeded three million total voter contacts in the 2022 election cycle.

In July, the organization reached one million voter contacts. At that point, the group had 48,000 volunteers in all 100 counties. Since then, NC Victory says they have over 68,000 volunteers working in the field.

The group says they’ve knocked on over 720,000 door and made 2.3 million phone calls to voters. 

The manpower behind NC Victory’s program is staggering, given that the combined effort didn’t exceed 1.2 million in the entire 2018 cycle. Much of that effort is attributed to a staffed year-round ground game working in the state.

RNC spokeswoman Taylor Mazock told North State Journal, “North Carolina Republicans are working day and night to ensure North Carolinians hear the Republican message and hold Joe Biden and Cheri Beasley accountable – one door knock, phone call and one vote at a time.”

In what is expected to be a close race for U.S. Senate as well as competitive races for the U.S. House of Representatives, N.C Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, Republicans’ investment in a constant grassroots presence could be the difference. 

Public polls in the 2020 election gave slight advantages to Democrats in the presidential and U.S. Senate races. Yet when the votes were counted, Republicans prevailed in both contests. 

Republicans are focusing “family issues” in their grassroots messaging – education, crime, rising prices and inflation, said Mazock.

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