MURPHY: A Republican path forward

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy (NC-03)

Under Democrats’ one-party control of Washington, our economy is in the gutter; the cost of groceries, gasoline and everyday services has skyrocketed; crime is surging; and the southern border is wide open. House Republicans have a bold, conservative agenda to reverse President Joe Biden’s self-inflicted crises and get our nation back on track.  

President Biden’s reckless spending has caused inflation to skyrocket from 1.4% to a record 8.3% in less than two years. As a result, millions of hardworking American families are suffering under 40-year record-high inflation — and the average family is spending $717 more each month to buy the same goods and services as last year.  


House Republicans will build an economy that is strong. That means reducing wasteful government spending, cutting taxes and unleashing American innovation. Our plan would also require the Biden administration to embrace an all-of-the-above energy approach to reduce our dependency on foreign nations and power our economy with American-made energy. Reestablishing American energy independence will go a long way to improve access to secure, reliable energy and lower costs for American families.  

Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies have caused violent crime to surge across America. This year, homicide rates have increased by roughly 50%, and aggravated assaults have increased by 39% since 2019. What’s worse, the “defund the police” movement has put our brave law enforcement officers in danger — and intentional killings of police officers are at a 20-year high.  

Our Commitment to America will fund 200,000 new police officers to protect our streets and crack down on weak district attorneys and prosecutors who refuse to hold criminals accountable. Importantly, Republicans will make securing the southern border a top priority to stop the unmitigated flow of deadly fentanyl which is poisoning American children and adults.  

Government lockdowns and mandates have set our children back and caused undo harm to parents and families across the nation. Just one year ago, Attorney General Merrick Garland issued a memo equating parents to “domestic terrorists,” and he allowed union bosses to dictate school reopenings. By passing the Parents’ Bill of Rights, House Republicans will put parents in the driver’s seat and allow families to make their own decisions about their children’s education. It’s also vital that we secure our constitutional liberties, including free speech protections on university campuses, and confront big tech censorship.  

Freedom in medicine is another essential pillar. Instead of a government-mandated, socialized health care system, Republicans are committed to lowering health care costs through transparency and competition and improving access to life-saving cures and medicine. As a member of the Healthy Futures Task Force, I’ve been proud to develop solutions that modernize health care, safeguard telehealth access, crack down on fraud, waste and abuse, and expand access to patient-centered technologies.  

The Biden administration has leveraged its political power to enact a far-left radical agenda at the expense of the American people. So far, this administration has not been held accountable for any of its self-inflicted disasters, from the horrific Afghanistan withdrawal to the unprecedented border crisis. When Republicans take control in January, we will exercise congressional oversight to restore the people’s voice and give Americans answers about the origins of COVID-19, the politicization of the DOJ and FBI, and so much more.  

The Biden administration is a self-serving bureaucracy whereby extreme ideologies and a quest for power have left the American people in the dust. The Republican Commitment to America shows a better path forward in which the federal government works for Americans, not against them. Starting on day one of a Republican majority, we will work tirelessly to deliver an economy that’s strong, a country that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable — that’s our Commitment to America. 

Dr. Greg Murphy represents North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.