MCDANIEL: Cheri Beasley is radical. Ted Budd will make life better for North Carolinians

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel speaks at a rally in Grand Rapids, Mich., Thursday, March 28, 2019. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

In America hard work is supposed to get you ahead. But under Biden and Democrats that is changing fast: inflation is ripping through paychecks, crime is ravaging communities, and Joe Biden’s radical agenda is undermining common sense. That’s why Representative Ted Budd is running for the U.S. Senate to represent the great state of North Carolina. It’s obvious that his opponent – Democrat Cheri Beasley – hasn’t gotten the memo. North Carolinians don’t like Biden and Democrats’ far-left policies, plain and simple.

Inflation is currently costing North Carolina families $700 more each month and gas sits above $3.50 a gallon. It’s no wonder these were top concerns voters cited when Rep. Ted Budd visited all 100 counties in the Tar Heel State before the primary election. This makes the decision on who to vote for easy. Recently, Beasley enthusiastically supported the Bidenflation Scam bill even though it does nothing to lower costs and instead will raise taxes during a recession, shrinkthe economy, and kill thousands of jobs.

And this gets to a larger point: Cheri Beasley is not an independent voice. Just like Joe Biden, she is dangerous for North Carolina. In fact, she is the most radical liberal candidate to run for Senate in the state’s history. Over the course of her twenty years as a judge, she has been soft on cop-killers, thrown out the indictment of child sex predators, and even helped overturn the sentence of a convicted murderer who shot a young boy in the face. She has already said the filibuster should be eliminated.

Compare her radical record with Ted Budd’s down-to-earth background. The contrast is night and day. Budd grew up on a farm and appreciates the hard work farmers do to put food on our tables. In college he majored in Theology and did missionary work in the former Soviet Union. This gave him an appreciation for freedom of religion, freedom of press, and our American constitutional rights.

Ted Budd is also a gun shop owner. He knows what it means to start a business, hire people, and navigate regulations while standing up for our Second Amendment rights. Cheri Beasley can’t claim the same. Even worse, she is pretending to be a “moderate” yet fundraised with a leader of the Democrat defund the police movement, Rep. Cori Bush, as well as other far-left liberals who have called to end cash bail and described dismantling police departments as “thoughtful.”

Meanwhile, Beasley has stayed silent on the Biden border crisis – and we know why. Ted Budd – who actually spoke to sheriffs from all 100 North Carolina counties and has the support of law enforcement groups – knows that every county is like a border county as lethal drugs seep in. Last year, North Carolina experienced nearly 4,000 overdose deaths, a 26% increase from 2020. This is part of a national tragedy robbing families of their children.

This takes us to the heart of what is at stake in the November midterm elections: our families. Ted Budd will be a champion for parents in the United States Senate. We know Biden and Democrats want to take away the rights of parents to control what their kids learn in school. Ted Budd and his wonderful wife Amy homeschool their kids and said this during our recent conversation on my Real America podcast: “Whether it’s parents choosing to homeschool or whether it’s parents choosing to step up and be on the school board – we’re seeing that they are the new heroes.”

It’s time to get rid of the Biden-Beasley agenda. Let’s make Ted Budd North Carolina’s hero in the Senate. He will fight for a culture that values work, puts families first, and backs law enforcement. And he has the experience and record to back it up. Let’s make Ted Budd North Carolina’s next senator.

Ronna McDaniel is the Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee