HILL: What’s at stake in this fall’s elections

The Dome of the U.S. Capitol Building is visible the morning after the Independence Day celebration on the National Mall in Washington, Tuesday, July 5, 2022. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

It seems as if Republican political “attack” ads would be very easy to write for this fall’s elections.

The ads could write themselves at every level: “If you love inflation, vote for (insert Democrat opponent name). They will vote for every Biden initiative, all of which so far have failed miserably”. Take out “inflation” and then run successive ads and put in “high gas prices”; “illegal immigration”; “high crime rates” and on down the line and anyone can drive the negatives of an opponent up to 80% given the current climate in America. 

These are not even “nasty” negative ads. As former Congressman Alex McMillan used to say: “It isn’t negative if it is true.” 

There is not a single elected Democrat in Washington who will vote against far-left wing progressive Biden policies. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia caved on Build Back Better. Manchin and Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema are the only two holdouts protecting the filibuster ― but they have voted for everything else progressive socialists want. 

Think the last two years under Biden have been horrible? Give Democrats outright control of the Senate and retain control of Congress and the next two years will be ten times worse. 

The two most important races in North Carolina this fall are the two state supreme court races. Lucy Inman (D) is running against Richard Dietz (R) for the vacated Robin Hudson seat. Trey Allen (R) is running to unseat Incumbent Sam Ervin IV (D). 

The Democrat-controlled North Carolina Supreme Court vastly over-stepped their legal boundary and took over control of redistricting which has been the prerogative of the state legislature historically and constitutionally. “If you want NC Supreme Court justices to act like state legislators, vote for (Democrat candidate)” could be another “contrast” ad. 

If one or the other Republican candidate wins a NC Supreme Court seat, or both do, the state legislature, which should remain in Republican control, will be able to redraw congressional and state legislative districts without any veto threat from Democrat Governor Roy Cooper or any further interference from activist justices on the state supreme court. 

Those two races alone make this a critical election. 

If Republicans do not gain at least six net seats in the House ― in April, many were chortling about picking up 60+ seats ― Nancy Pelosi will remain Speaker. If Democrats win the Senate, everything President Joe Biden and progressive socialist Democrats want will pass by majority vote. High inflation, gas prices, crime rates and illegal immigration will escalate, not diminish. 

Ted Budd (R) is running against Cheri Beasley (D) to replace retiring Senator Richard Burr. Republicans have almost no shot at gaining control of the Senate if they lose this critical North Carolina seat. 

If Republicans lose net two seats in the Senate, Democrats will eliminate the filibuster. The once august “Greatest Deliberative Body in the World” will become just another rubber-stamping mill for all of President Biden’s failed policies. 

Two new states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will be admitted to the United States in 2023 adding four more Democrat Senators and at least six more electoral votes for Democrats. Simple majority votes in the House and Senate, signed by the president, create states; not 2/3 vote super-majority to begin the process, and 70% to adopt, as required by constitutional amendments. 

God forbid that two conservative US Supreme Court justices die or resign in the next two years which would give President Biden unfettered ability to appoint two new young far-left progressive justices to the Supreme Court to rule for decades. Short of that, Democratic control of the Senate will mean they expand the court to thirteen justices; appoint four new liberal judges and enjoy a 7-6 majority for years to come as well. 

Rarely can it be said a specific election is “the most important” in our lifetime. 2022 is one of them. The fate of our country truly depends on each and every vote in each and every race this time around.