NC TV station pulls anti-Beasley ad

Image of NRSC ad

RALEIGH — A television station in Charlotte said it removed an ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) for what it called a “false statement on material issue,” according to a CBS News report.

The ad, which is running statewide on multiple stations, came in to question from the Beasley campaign and TV station for one of the claims made about a 2019 case while Beasley served as Chief Justice on the N.C. Supreme Court. It involved a case in which a man convicted of sexually exploiting children said the search warrant was illegally obtained by authorities.

The case made its way to the state’s highest court, which ruled in his favor in a 5-1 decision authored by Associate Justice Anita Earls.

The NRSC, which stands by every word of the ad, says politics is the driver of the ad’s removal.

The group points out that Cox Media Group’s general counsel, Eric Greenberg, is a longtime Democratic donor. As recently as 2020, he made contributions to failed U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham even after his affair debacle became public.

Additionally, Greenberg is a former law partner of Marc Elias, and they received lucrative retainers from Beasley’s campaign in 2021. Elias, who has filed dozens of lawsuits in North Carolina aimed at helping Democrats, mounted the effort to question the ad over Beasley, according to the NRSC.

“This is fishy beyond belief, and the NRSC will continue to fight and expose the corruption and Democrat manipulation happening in North Carolina,” the group says in a statement.