Harris Teeter says it will remove American-themed coozies

Image of two beverage coozies that Harris Teeter says it will remove from its stores.

RALEIGH — A tweet from former state Rep. Christy Clark (D-Mecklenburg) has led Harris Teeter to pull several American-themed coozies from its stores. 

Clark wrote Monday, “I am disappointed these coozies are being sold in an NC store. 110 Americans die every day from gun violence and most recently children, educators, health care providers, and family members were killed in mass shootings. Please remove them.” 

The coozies in question featured an eagle holding a rifle and a stylized Thomas Jefferson holding a Second Amendment quote with a semi-automatic weapon. 

After Clark’s tweet, the Harris Teeter account responded, saying, “As soon as these items were brought to our attention we put a recall request into place and these items are being removed from all store locations. We appreciate your concern.” 


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