OPINION: Letter from Roma in Ukraine

Roma is pictured in this undated file photo. (Courtesy Photo)

“A calendar month has passed since the beginning of a new stage of Ukrainian history and 30 days since I have the privilege of being a part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine again. It’s a privilege and an honor.

The post is definitely not about how hard, or what challenges I stand, or what I’m going through. This whole palette of emotions, experiences and worries, losses and gains has to be processed, and resolved with God. And I have loved ones to live for.

I have the honor to be around great people. Proud that most of my veteran group is back; no one fled and everyone did their best to be back in the battle as soon as possible. There were many obstacles on the way to fight against the enemy. But there was no running away because of age, health, family circumstances, or official documents of leave. No one was waiting for a team call, or a personal invitation to be served or a call from the military committee. Everyone did what was planned. Everyone took a packed backpack, and just took the next step towards the decision, which has been made long ago.” 

(Roma was wounded in battle Monday, April 4. He is in the hospital, recovering from surgery).