Party of one: 33 state legislators unopposed for reelection

General Assembly - Raleigh - May 2020
N.C. General Assembly as seen from the grounds of the Capitol building. (A.P. Dillon, North State Journal)

RALEIGH — When the dust settled shortly after 12 p.m. on Friday, March 4, 33 legislators punched their tickets to another two years in Raleigh.

In both the N.C. House and Senate, it was Republicans who benefit from not having an opponent. Of the 24 in the lower chamber, 20 were Republicans, compared to 4 Democrats. In the Senate, just 1 Democrat is unopposed, and 8 Republicans are unopposed.

The members who effectively won reelection at filing are:

Sen. Mujtaba A. Mohammed (SD-38)

Sen. Jim Perry (SD-08)

Sen. Michael Lazzara (SD-06)

Sen. Bill Rabon (SD-08)

Sen. Brent Jackson (SD-09)

Sen. Phil Berger (SD-26)

Sen. Joyce Krawiec (SD-31)

Sen. Todd Johnson (SD-35)

Sen. Ted Alexander (SD-44)

Rep. Allison Dahle (HD-11)

Rep. Vernetta Alston (HD-29)

Rep. Pricey Harrison (HD-61)

Rep. John Autry (HD-100)

Rep. Ed Goodwin (HD-01)

Rep. Steve Tyson (HD-03)

Rep. Matthew Winslow (HD-07)

Rep. John Bell (HD-10)

Rep. Carson Smith (HD-16)

Rep. Charlie Miller (HD-19)

Rep. William Brisson (HD-22)

Rep. Brenden Jones (HD-46)

Rep. Wayne Sasser (HD-67)

Rep. David Willis (HD-68)

Rep. Donny Lambeth (HD-75)

Rep. Harry Warren (HD-76)

Rep. Julia Howard (HD-77)

Rep. Hugh Blackwell (HD-86)

Rep. Jay Adams (HD-96)

Rep. Jason Saine (HD-97)

Rep. John Torbett (HD-108)

Rep. Kelly Hastings (HD-110)

Rep. Tim Moore (HD-111)

Rep. Karl Gillespie (HD-120)

Additionally, newcomer Brad Overcash, who announced he would run for the Gaston County seat held by Kathy Harrington, is unopposed and he will join the state Senate in 2023.