ZAHRAN: Biden and the incredible world of progressive politics

President Joe Biden, joined by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., talks in-between signing signs several bills during an event in the South Court Auditorium on the White House complex in Washington, Wednesday, June 30, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Since Joe Biden moved into the White House last January and the Democrats took control of both houses of Congress, the world of progressive politics has been on full display for all Americans to see. 

No longer hiding in his basement or pretending to be a moderate candidate, Biden jumped aboard the progressive express on day one of his presidency. In a marathon signing session that should have given him carpal tunnel syndrome, Biden issued enough executive orders in the hours following his inauguration to threaten our energy independence, our economy and our national security. 

Nearly one year later, we have had to endure the incredible policies and actions Biden and his progressive cohorts have heaped upon us. 

When I use the word “incredible” to describe Biden’s administration, I do so as a criticism, not a compliment. While the word can be used to describe something as good or great, it can also describe something that is difficult or impossible to believe. In Biden’s case, the latter meaning applies. In less than a year, the president has made an incredible series of bad decisions that have put America on a dangerous path. 

One of the first policies Biden enacted destroyed our energy independence. Under Trump, we became energy independent for the first time in almost 65 years. When Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline in an effort to pacify the climate-change wing of his party, he reduced our capacity to produce oil; as a consequence, we have had to import more from other countries.  

When oil prices increased — as they naturally do when demand exceeds supply — Biden asked OPEC countries to produce more oil for us, making a move that even Neville Chamberlain would have considered humiliating. To no one’s surprise (except Biden’s), they refused.   

As incredible as our energy situation is, Biden created another situation in the financial world that is even more incredible. In a story that could have come straight out of the “Babylon Bee,” Biden’s nominee to be the comptroller of the currency — Saule Omarova — is a woman born and raised in Kazakhstan and educated at Moscow State University on a Lenin Academic Scholarship. That’s Moscow, Russia, not Moscow, Idaho.   

During her confirmation hearing, Omarova, whose job as comptroller would be to oversee our banking system, expressed her desire to end banking “as we know it” by federalizing banks. Although she criticized our free market economy, Omarova praised the former Soviet Union’s system of equal pay for men and women. 

Omarova withdrew her nomination after several Democratic senators privately expressed their opposition to confirming her. The incredible part of this story is that she was even nominated at all. What made Biden think it would be a good idea to put a communist in charge of America’s banks? 

Other incredible actions by this progressive administration include their insistence that our southern border is closed when we have irrefutable proof that it is wide open, as nearly two million illegal immigrants have come in since Biden took office. They also insisted that inflation is “transitory,” but that claim has proved to be false. Our current inflation rate of 6.8% is the highest in four decades, and there is no indication that it will abate any time soon. Yet Biden thinks we should pass a bill that will cost trillions of dollars.  

Progressives seem surprised by the dramatic increase in crime in many American cities. In a recent speech, Nancy Pelosi seemed perplexed at this increase, insisting she didn’t know the reason for it. Apparently, she hasn’t connected the progressive policies of defunding the police and eliminating cash bail — even for violent criminals — with this crime wave.    

Finally, let’s not forget Biden’s most incredible blunder, his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which the president called an “extraordinary success.” I think the American citizens and Afghan allies Biden left behind would describe this withdrawal differently. 

In the past year, instead of enjoying the achievements of a great leader, we have endured the failures of a weak president. Biden’s progressive administration has indeed been incredible, but in all the wrong ways.