NC Senate Republicans will vote to move state primaries to June 7

A Marine color guard marches into the Senate chamber during the opening session of the North Carolina General Assembly in Raleigh, N.C., Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Gerry Broome)

RALEIGH — A statement from NC Senate Republicans on Monday says the legislative chamber will vote on Wednesday, Jan. 19 to move the state’s primary elections this year to Tuesday, June 7.

The move would be the third, following a state Supreme Court order that moved the date to May 17 in order to hear consolidated cases on the state’s new congressional and legislative boundaries.

“State law requires the legislature to have at least 14 days to draw new districts if existing ones are struck down by a court. But the redistricting case schedule adopted by the state Supreme Court provides as little as 12 days for the court to decide on a lengthy and complex redistricting case, write a decision, and for the legislature to draw new districts if the Supreme Court strikes down the current ones,” the statement reads.

The Republicans say that the deadline would cause unnecessary confusion and chaos.

Additionally, under the current schedule, potential candidates will only have a matter of days to decide whether to run if new districts are drawn. That is not fair to potential candidates and increases the likelihood of confusion and chaos.

As of Monday afternoon, there is no word on if the N.C. House of Representatives will take similar action. Any change in the election calendar must also be signed by Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper.