TAFT: American democracy Atlantic style

People pass the Georgia State Capitol during the March for Reproductive Justice on Saturday, Oct. 2, 2021 in downtown Atlanta. Rallies were held in major cities across the country to demand continued access to abortion. (AP Photo/Ben Gray)

Many thanks to The Atlantic Magazine for setting us straight on what American democracy is.  

With all the confusing rhetoric about what this country represents, The Atlantic made it perfectly clear. Such a weighty topic required their finest authors — David Frum, Jeff Goldberg, among others. Their analysis was spot on. They even quoted Joe Biden, who recently pinpointed the essence of voting: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the votes decide everything.” 

Frum opined, “Trump and his supporters have inflicted a measurable wound on American democracy.” Goldberg moaned, “GOP’s leaders are attempting to destroy the foundations of American democracy.” Parroting their observations, Biden proclaimed to world leaders, “Democracy is backsliding,” as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer beat that same drum every time they stand before cameras. 

Does their panic stem from “deplorables” getting involved in local politics? Speaking out about Marxism in our society? According to The Atlantic, democracy cannot tolerate such participation.  

To paraphrase President Woodrow Wilson, “Elites know best and should run business and government and everything in between.” 

In defining Trumpism, the authors failed to mention its premise — “We the People.” In keeping with The Atlantic’s new standards though, real democracy cannot embrace this radical concept.  

With one crisis after another, “Power over the people” is the only thing to cut through the chaos and make sense in a democracy. 

But democracy must mean more to The Atlantic. Could it be the elimination of personal freedoms for the common good, even though real science does not support the efficacy of the vaccines?  

Perhaps the magazine editors hold sacrosanct the canceling of conservatives but are becoming skittish as they see this ploy unraveling as well. Surely silencing the other side would lead to total vaccination and the side effects that go with them. Instead, quite unwillingly, The Atlantic and the Left to which they cater are forced to bully conservatives. Just look at how reluctantly they vilify parents for wanting their kids to be taught properly in school. 

Democracy should never be used to debate issues. The Atlantic believes it should be a calming force. Still the Left remains somewhat paranoid. Will conservatives ever submit to the common good? The prospects of that happening appear increasingly dim.  

Take the surge of conservatives now running for school boards, volunteering as precinct captains, or challenging Washington RINOs in 2022. The situation has tossed The Atlantic and its followers in panic-mode, forcing the Government to use Big Tech to spy on people through iPhones and remote-run vacuum cleaners. Congress wants banks to report and the IRS to track personal bank transactions of $600 or more. People are urged to snitch on their neighbors for opposing government policy. Let’s not forget the FBI’s critical role in crushing parents who challenge school administrators or try to ensure election integrity. All of these safeguards belong in The Atlantic’s democracy. 

Beyond the conservative uprising, The Atlantic, based in Georgia, also knows how the Constitution and rule of law jeopardize democracy. Clearly this form of government requires a two-tiered justice system where BLM and Antifa can riot and destroy but Jan. 6 trespassers guilty of misdemeanors must endure deplorable conditions without due process. When they spring hardened criminals from prison to commit more crime, compassionate district attorneys know better than the drafters of the Constitution about how to ensure “domestic tranquility.”  

Although homicides are breaking records in Democrat-led cities across the nation, The Atlantic and their readers blame the police, demanding their defunding. Under the guise of COVID, Democrat governors shut down small businesses and keep people from going to church but have no problem with unvaccinated illegal aliens slipping into their states in the still of night. 

Not surprisingly The Atlantic hails from Atlanta, a hub of probable fraud in the 2020 election. From the magazine’s perspective, nothing went awry there a year ago. In a similar vein, many conservatives would argue that The Atlantic’s case against Trumpism simply typifies the Left’s inversion politics: blame Republicans for Democrat malfeasance. But the accusation would be unfair. 

The Atlantic was only being brutally frank about their version of American democracy.