2021 Google searches reveal tastes and activities across NC

A cursor moves over Google's search engine page on Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018, in Portland, Ore. Political leanings don’t factor into Google’s search algorithm. But the authoritativeness of page links the algorithm spits out and the perception of thousands of human raters do. (AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Google has released its 21st annual “Year in Search”, posting hundreds of top-10 trending searches lists from all over the world. These lists show how we have collectively begun to recover and return to routines as the world opened up again. 

Across the U.S., part of rebuilding has meant connecting with the community around you in ways we could not a year ago. This year you can see the top trending “near me” searches in N.C. as well as the top trending recipes throughout the state.  

This data shows the top trending “near me” searchesin the U.S., which means the “trending” queries are the searches that had a high spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2021 as compared to 2020.  

Top Trending “Near Me” Searches in all of NC:  

  • covid vaccine near me 
  • covid testing near me 
  • movie theater near me 
  • gas near me 
  • aquarium near me 
  • zoo near me 
  • go karts near me 
  • jamaican food near me 
  • bowling near me 
  • best restaurants near me 


Top Recipe Searches in NC:  

  • collard greens recipe 
  • potato soup recipe 
  • tomato pie recipe 
  • deviled egg recipe 
  • cabbage recipes 
  • chocolate chip cookie recipe 
  • banana pudding recipe 
  • guacamole recipe 
  • beef stew recipe 
  • alfredo sauce recipe 


By comparison, here are SC’s most searched recipes:  

  • green bean casserole recipe 
  • sweet potato pie recipe 
  • cranberry sauce recipe 
  • banana pudding recipe 
  • mac and cheese recipe 
  • deviled egg recipe 
  • tomato pie recipe 
  • black eyed peas recipe 
  • banana bread recipe 
  • chili recipe 


And SC’s Top Trending “Near Me” Searches:  

  • covid vaccine near me 
  • covid testing near me 
  • movie theater near me 
  • things to do near me 
  • seafood restaurants near me 
  • vape shops near me 
  • gas prices near me 
  • car rental near me 
  • bars near me 
  • hair salon near me