Surry County commissioners unanimously pass resolution opposing US AG attack on parents

Resolution: Parents should have total and complete control over what kids are taught

FILE - In this Sept. 9, 2021, file photo, Attorney General Merrick Garland announces a lawsuit to block the enforcement of a new Texas law that bans most abortions, at the Justice Department in Washington. On Friday, Oct. 8, The Associated Press reported on stories circulating online incorrectly claiming Garland has instructed the FBI to mobilize against parents who oppose critical race theory in public schools, citing ‘threats.’ (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

RALEIGH — Surry County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution opposing U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s memorandum instructing the FBI to investigate parents across the country protesting at school board meetings.

All five commissioners voted to approve the resolution, which was introduced by Commissioner Eddie Harris at their Nov. 1 meeting.

“This is a resolution in opposition to Attorney General Merrick Garland’s DOJ directive attacking parents,” said Harris.

The resolution cites the First Amendment and that “parents through their elected school board should have total and complete control over what their children are taught and exposed to” during the time which kids are in school.

Chairman Mark Marion said he has full faith in the Surry County Sheriff’s Office, and “we don’t need the FBI coming in here and telling us what we can and can’t do.”

Marion suggested the language in the resolution that mentions the Biden administration should be changed to “any administration.”

Commissioner Van Tucker said he hopes to see the school districts in Surry County adopt a similar resolution as well as prohibit CRT and woke concepts in curriculum.

The resolution encourages the three local school boards in Surry County “to take appropriate action in kind expressing their disdain for this misguided and intolerant policy by the Biden Administration that attacks Surry County’s parents.”

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