US Rep Murphy opposes Biden vaccine mandate

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy (NC-03)

RALEIGH – U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy (R-03) announced his opposition to President Joe Biden’s sweeping plan to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for businesses across the country.

“As a physician, I have been a strong proponent of the COVID vaccine since the beginning. I have administered the vaccine myself, and I believe in the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. That said, I am completely opposed to a federal mandate requiring COVID vaccination,” Murphy said in a statement.

“The decision about whether or not to take the vaccine, like every other medical decision, is one that should be made between a patient and a doctor. The government does not know what is best for each patient and should not be directing medical care. We must pursue every legal and legislative option to overturn Biden’s unconstitutional mandate,” he added.

In a Thursday afternoon address, Biden announced the stringent mandate, which includes a forthcoming federal rule to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations and enforced by the U.S. Department of Labor.