HILL: ‘I freaking love living in America!’

United States' Tamyra Mensah-Stock celebrates defeating Nigeria's Blessing Oborududu and winning the women's 68kg Freestyle wrestling final match at the 2020 Summer Olympics, Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, in Chiba, Japan. (AP Photo/Aaron Favila)

Aren’t you more than a little sick and tired of hearing about how terrible America is from left-wingers?

After years of hearing liberal progressive politicians, athletes, movie stars and activists openly support the destruction of downtown after downtown in our major metropolitan cities and talk about how terrible the United States of America is, maybe 2021 is the year when the vast majority of American citizens start to rise up to say how great living in America really is instead of being intimidated into quiet passive submission.

American wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock provided one of the first wildly enthusiastic public expressions of love of country heard in a long while, after she won the gold medal in the 68-kilogram freestyle finals last week. When a reporter asked her how she felt about representing America at the Olympics, probably expecting a Colin Kaepernick or Megan Rapinoe protest moment, she responded with a bright smile:

“It feels amazing,” she enthusiastically said with an American flag draped about her shoulders. “I love representing the U.S.! I freaking love living there! I love it.” Then she added, as she made a heart with her hand, “And I’m so happy I get to represent USA!”

Apparently the “Hate America First” lobby didn’t get their memo to dishonor the flag to the entire Olympic team before they left for Tokyo. Mensah-Stock, an African-American from Katy, Texas, sure didn’t get it. Neither did Athing Mu, a 19-year-old 400-meter gold medal winner whose parents emigrated from Sudan. Nor did Suni Lee, the women’s all-around gymnastics gold medalist, whose Hmong parents escaped from communist Vietnam before settling in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Why were these young champions so bold and brave to do such a dastardly thing as openly praise and thank America when so many uber-wealthy professional athletes have been kneeling and protesting America’s very existence for close to a decade now? 

By the end of 2020, the entire nation pretty much knew how the progressive left felt about America. A passive observer would have been led by them to believe that America is a terrible, dismal place in which black people are forced to live; every white person is racist; wealthy people never help anyone less fortunate than themselves so the government has to do it all; and where we are all going to burn up because of global warming in the next 10 years anyway, solely because of America’s abuse of carbon energy sources.

What a depressing, dystopian, apocalyptical view of America. Who in their right mind would want to illegal cross the southern border to come live in a hellhole like that?

The interesting thing about the Hate America First crowd is that not one BLM, antifa, progressive socialist, comedian, CNN news anchor, professional athlete or left-wing politician who has expressed hatred for America has emigrated to Cuba, Russia, China or Europe. If things were as bad in America as they portray, millions of citizens should be leaving America, not trying to get in legally and illegally.

Perhaps the vast majority of Americans are ready to openly celebrate patriotism again like the wrestler Mensah-Stock. If so, that should spell trouble for Democrats in the 2022 mid-term congressional elections. It will be very difficult for them to walk back public statements to defund the police, cancel American history and culture, and turn America into a European socialist state.

Public comments have eternal life on social media. They never go away.

The number of progressive activists seeking to destroy America may number in the tens of thousands. Hundreds of millions of Americans of all political stripes like the basic structure of the free market, democratic-republican form of government in America. 

Many of them “freaking love” it. They have just been afraid to openly say so over the past several years for fear of public and private retaliation by the radical left.

This might be a good week to think about why you “freaking love living in America” and start telling your family, neighbors, co-workers and everyone you meet. Hundreds of millions of full-throated patriots will overwhelm the few progressive socialists very quickly.

We can thank Tamyra Mensah-Stock for helping to re-ignite such a patriotic movement.