MILLER: While Cuba & the American Left crack down on dissent, GETTR values free speech

CEO of GETTR Jason Miller

One of the driving tenets of Communism is the absolute suppression of free speech. We’ve seen it around the world, and in recent days in Cuba, we’ve seen a spectacular and courageous revolt against it. Here in America, which should be the bastion of free speech, we’re witnessing President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party effectively shrug in reaction.

To quell the uprising, the Communist regime declared that “the order to combat is given.” Security forces were deployed, and pro-Communist government supporters were called on to take back control of the streets. But physical confrontation is not the only front in Cuba’s war on its own people.


As soon as anti-Communist protests began, internet access was restricted to control the spread of information and to limit the ability of pro-Democracy protestors to connect with others. The internet monitor, NetBlocks, reported that “Social media and messaging platforms restricted in Cuba from Monday on state-run internet provider ETECSA; real-time network data corroborate reports of internet disruptions amid widening anti-government protests.”

Meanwhile, Biden has refused to openly condemn the Communist regime, instead weakly calling on President Miguel Diàz-Canel and the Communists to “hear their people and serve their needs.”

Biden, who sided with the Castro regime over the people of Cuba during his time as President Barack Obama’s vice president, is demonstrating his unwillingness, or inability, to stand up to the ongoing assault of Democracy and Free Speech.

The situation in Cuba serves to highlight the importance of free expression and the ongoing fight against censorship. But while the authoritarian Cuban government openly cracks down on dissent, here in this country the silencing of opinions is often shrouded in peaceful language, promising to protect people from “dangerous” ideas. Yet it is censorship just the same.

The Biden White House recently revealed it has been working with Facebook to “flag” posts and users they consider problematic, and strongly encouraged all social media platforms to ban certain users. This is nothing short of government regulation of speech, in direct contradiction to the 1st Amendment to our Constitution.

This is where the new social media app, GETTR, comes in.

America’s Big Tech oligarchs and their bought-and-paid-for government shills aren’t interested in protecting America’s bedrock principles of free speech and individual liberty. They’re much more interested in dominating the marketplace and pushing their anti-American woke-ism on the populace.

It’s the same reason they’re soft on Cuba. In fact, they have a goal in common with the anti-Democratic Cuban regime – to silence all dissent.

But in GETTR, users from around the world can find the true marketplace of ideas, a place to share freedom and spread democracy around the world. It’s a privately held American company with a mission to provide a social media platform with best-in-class technology and a “cancel free” environment.

GETTR is a direct challenge to Big Tech. It is already becoming the place where competing ideas flow freely, and the response has been swift and strong. GETTR reached number one in the Google App Store among free apps and number eight overall among Apple free apps (third among social media apps) — all signs of the public’s appetite for new social media platforms not dominated by the current status quo.

Since its launch on July 4th, GETTR has quickly amassed 1.5 million registered users – far faster than any other social media platform in history – and its reach has already spread outside the borders of the United States.  While Americans are a plurality of the users, countries on every continent are represented, with Brazil emerging as the largest GETTR audience outside the U.S.

GETTR is showing Silicon Valley bosses that their stranglehold on social media is loosening. And while power hungry Democrats in D.C. like to talk a big game when it comes to protecting the “little guy,” the truth is they are simply interested in clinging to power at any cost.

But the good news is that GETTR’s early success proves that people are aware of what’s happening. And it shows that people can still stand up and protect their inherent rights to free speech and self-determination.

Jason Miller is the CEO of GETTR and a former Senior Advisor to President Donald J. Trump