NCGOP re-elects Whatley as chairman

NCGOP Chairman Michael Whatley addresses the NCGOP virtual convention. Photo via Michael Whatley

GREENVILLE — Michael Whatley secured a second term as North Carolina Republican Party chairman during last Saturday’s convention business session.

Whatley was unopposed in the race for chairman, an indication of broad support within the party and coming off an election cycle that saw victories for Republicans in the presidential race, U.S. Senate race, and a sweep of eight statewide judicial races.


The party elected a new vice chair in a close vote to replace Moore County’s Miriam Chu, who did not join Whatley in running for a second term. Susan Mills of Cumberland County narrowly defeated Sherry Lynn Womack of Lee County for the position. Mills, a longtime activist and 2020 presidential elector, told NSJ she was excited to take on the new role.