Charge dropped against NC Court of Appeals judge

Judge John Tyson

RALEIGH – A charge against NC Court of Appeals judge John Tyson has been dismissed by prosecutors due to lack of evidence, according to a letter obtained first by North State Journal.

The letter, from Tyson’s attorney, says that the case was referred to the Conference of District Attorneys after the Cumberland County district attorney recused themselves in the matter.

“Their office conducted a thorough and objective review of all the evidence and interviewed witnesses and officers involved. Their conclusion finds no evidence or basis to prosecute the case and dismissed the summons,” the letter reads.

In May, Fayetteville Black Lives Matter activist Myahtaeyarra Warren said Tyson attempted to hit her with his vehicle around the Market House, which has been a central protest location in downtown Fayetteville and was set on fire during last year’s protests against law enforcement.

Upon investigation, six city cameras capturing the scene at the time showed that the vehicle belonging to Tyson never moved towards Warren or any other protester during the May 7 protest.

“The State finds that the witnesses listed told a story that the video evidence provided by city cameras does not support,” the dismissal read.

A copy of the dismissal was attached the letter, which confirmed there was insufficient evidence to warrant prosecution.