WHATLEY: Biden’s anti-family economy

President Joe Biden delivers remarks about the Colonial Pipeline hack, in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, Thursday, May 13, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The American Jobs Report, released last week, demonstrated how devastating Joe Biden and the Democrats’ policies are to the American family.

The report showed the U.S. economy added back just 266,000 jobs last month, far below economists’ projection of one million jobs. This is the first time the unemployment rate has risen during the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, disproportionately impacting minority communities, women, and non-college educated workers. Women suffered a net job loss, largely attributed to scientifically baseless school closures in Democrat-strongholds. 18,000 manufacturing jobs were lost. Compared to economists’ expectations, this is “the largest miss… since at least 1998.”

This disastrous jobs report is a direct result of far-left, power-hungry Democrats and an absent President Joe Biden. They inherited a recovering economy thanks to President Trump and Republicans who fought to safely and responsibly reopen the economy while following the science. The Democrats’ policies have obstructed economic recovery, drained the pockets of taxpayers, and prioritized  liberal special interest groups, and all under the lie that Biden’s big government can rescue us from their economic destruction. And what was Biden’s response to this jobs report? He doubled down on his exorbitant spending plan– which would be the largest in decades– and his intent to hike taxes by $3 trillion.

The Biden administration somehow believes that paying Americans not to work will lead to economic recovery. A report published last week discovered job openings are soaring to a record 8.1 million, but business cannot find enough workers. More than 40% of small business owners say they are struggling to hire, and many blame Biden’s policies. They say Biden’s “enhanced” unemployment benefits in his $1.9 trillion stimulus are making it harder to find job-seekers. And it’s true; with $300-per-week in supplemental benefits, an estimated 37% of workers can make more money on unemployment than at work. The jobs exist, but Biden’s unemployment benefits disincentivize working. Yet the Biden Administration is once again doubling down on paying people to do nothing.

This is bad news for American families. Under Biden’s shrinking economy, taxes and other consumer prices are going up. His $3 trillion in proposed tax hikes will kill jobs, lower wages, increase poverty rates, and reverse the record-low unemployment rates for racial minorities and women under the Trump Administration. He also wants to increase the business tax rate to 28%, which is higher than in communist China. As if Biden hasn’t hurt small business enough, he’s now taxing them into oblivion. These small businesses are treasured by communities, employ hard working Americans, and improve the lives of those they hire and serve.

To put it simply, Biden’s economic policies are hurting American families. Under President Trump and Republican leadership, we had a spirited workforce where jobs were abundant and wages were increasing. Successful small businesses represent the achievement of the American dream, but Biden and Congressional Democrats would rather use taxpayer dollars to incentivize unemployment as they watch communities across the country crumble.

Now is the time for Republicans to speak out and mobilize behind an America First and Family First Agenda. As we approach an important election cycle in 2022, we should bear in mind the cost of continued Democrat governance, as it will only decrease economic opportunity for the next generation of Americans.

Michael Whatley is the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party