MITCHELL: Man-made global warming: The biggest scientific fraud in history

Earth Observation taken during a day pass by the Expedition 40 crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS). (NASA)

If you have read the previous eight articles in this series, you should have come to the conclusion that the hypothesis claiming that man has caused global warming is the biggest scientific fraud in history.  In prior articles, I have systematically dismantled every claim of the proponents of the hypothesis.  I have demonstrated that not only is there no scientific consensus on the subject, but that not even a scintilla of scientific evidence supports the assertion that man has caused global warming or even that global warming has occurred.

UN climate scientists’ predictions of the amount of future global warming have consistently been grossly inaccurate.  These predictions have been generated by flawed computer models using the fictional concept of the Earth’s average temperature.  There is no average temperature of the Earth; this is a figment of the climate scientists’ imaginations, conjured up to support a fraudulent hypothesis.


The pursuit of the pseudo-science involved in the climate “research” by the proponents of the global warming hypothesis has departed significantly from the scientific method of inquiry which has guided legitimate scientific research for over 400 years. Even the flawed temperature database developed by climate scientists for the Earth’s land mass, oceans, and atmosphere demonstrates that there has been no significant global warming.

In my soon-to-be published book entitled “Global Warming: The Great Deception – The Triumph of Dollars and Politics over Science and Why You Should Care”, I address many technical subjects of scientific interest in this field.  Among these, I examine what really happens when a CO2 molecule absorbs a long wave infrared (“LWIR”) photon emitted from the Earth’s surface, and why is it not re-radiated in a fictitious cycle of global warming.  I discuss the fact that H20 is the dominant greenhouse gas and moderates the Earth’s temperature while CO2 plays virtually no role in the Earth’s climate.  I explain why LWIR photons emitted from the Earth’s atmosphere have very little heat energy, and why the world’s oceans, which cover 71% of the Earth’s surface, only absorb that energy to a depth of 100 microns—about the breadth of a human hair!  I examine why polar ice caps melt and then re-form in cycles lasting 60 to 80 years.  I provide an explanation of those factors that actually do affect the Earth’s climate, including the obliquity and eccentricity of the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, sunspots and changes in solar irradiance, and changes in ocean currents.  In short, my book takes a much deeper and more technical look at the hard scientific facts that disprove the hypothesis of man-made global warming.

In light of this reality, why do the UN and certain scientists and politicians — particularly in the US and Western Europe — continue to promote this fraudulent hypothesis?  Why do they continue to posture global warming as an “existential threat”?   The answer is money, politics, and power.

Past UN climate treaties have consistently failed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere; the Paris Climate Accord will be no different.  Through the scheme of carbon credits trading, however, these agreements have been very successful at enriching their promoters — among them U.S. politicians and global investment firms — and redistributing wealth from developed nations to developing nations according to the whims and progressive goals of the globalists.  Climate scientists are only too happy to support this charade, as it funds expansive research budgets and travel to never-ending conferences and symposiums in exotic locales.

Suppose I had told you in January 2020 that within months, government in the US would close schools, dictate which businesses could operate and their hours of operation, dictate when houses of worship could open and the number of attendees, and limit freedom of assembly — all in response to a crisis?  You would have rightly stated that all of the aforementioned were an infringement on your individual liberties and prohibited by the US Constitution — and therefore it could not happen.  But it has happened.

Now suppose I told you that in the near future, the government will seek to mandate what were formerly free-market decisions about the sources of power generation (coal, gas, hydro, nuclear, solar, and wind) in the US and the composition of the US power grid — all to avert the supposed crisis of climate change (formerly known as “global warming”).  And in addition, that the federal government would usurp the role of the consumer in choosing what energy sources would power homes, businesses and factories, and ultimately, how automobiles should be powered (electric vs. internal combustion engines)?  Seem farfetched?  President Biden and Climate Envoy Kerry have already declared climate change a crisis and an “existential threat” to the world.  This declaration will serve as a pretext for all manner of measures to further control our lives.

Rahm Emmanuel, former President Obama’s White House Chief of Staff, once famously stated “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think [sic] you could not do before.”

The unthinkable is now upon us, with climate fraud serving as the pretext for rendering it all do-able.

This is the ninth and final article in a series written by Guy K. Mitchell, Jr.  Mr. Mitchell is the founder and Chairman of Mitchell Industries, a diversified manufacturing company based in Birmingham, Alabama.  Mr. Mitchell is writing a book on man-made global warming entitled “Global Warming: The Great Deception—The Triumph of Dollars and Politics over Science and Why You Should Care”