WHATLEY: As expected, Trump is acquitted (again) 

President Donald Trump has been the target of the Democrats’ anger for far too long, preventing them from focusing on anything other than attacking him or overturning his policies, let alone accomplishing anything to help American families, farms or small businesses. With two impeachment efforts now behind us, it is clear that not even a pandemic or economic crisis can compel the Democrats to prioritize real problems over political partisanship.

Democrats could have used this past month to provide much needed relief to Americans in a bipartisan effort. Worries about job insecurity, school closures and the survival of small businesses have disrupted the lives of people across the country. Instead of meeting these needs, Democrats preoccupied themselves with a futile, divisive and unconstitutional impeachment of a former president.

The Democrats’ race to convict President Trump without affording him due process completely undermines our sense of American justice. As the Democrat impeachment managers argued their case before the Senate, they misrepresented quotes and selectively edited videos to use as evidence. They failed to perform an adequate investigation prior to their attempt to persuade the Senators’ votes. The House of Representatives denied President Trump the right to defend himself before passing their impeachment resolution.

Since “unity” has been the Democrats’ sound bite since Biden became president, we expect and call on Democrats to accept the Senate’s resounding vote to acquit the former president, stop with the partisan attacks and focus on the pressing needs of the American people. There is work to be done.