LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Small businesses are struggling

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Through no fault of their own, North Carolina’s businesses, particularly small and mid-sized businesses, are struggling to survive. We need to give these job-creators the best chance of recovery, not put them at additional risk with new taxes or higher costs.

One of the worst things Washington politicians could do is institute a new government-controlled health care system that will create unaffordable expenses for employers and employees alike. Instead, we should be making our current system even stronger — including existing public programs and the coverage North Carolinians get through work — to provide the quality care we need without hurting our economy and scuttling communities’ opportunity for a successful recovery.

Economists have warned that Medicare for All or the public option will require trillions of dollars in additional government spending. Hardworking taxpayers would become responsible for those costs, meaning new unaffordable taxes would put even greater stress on our local businesses, employees and our own families. At a time when many North Carolinians are trying to recover from months of heartache, higher taxes are the last thing they need.

North Carolinians have faced a difficult year, and we are not out of the woods yet.

While the public option may sound as if it is a way to expand health care choices, its effect could be the exact opposite. As private insurers are pushed out of the marketplace, fewer coverage options will be available, forcing more and more families onto a one-size-fits-all system controlled by politicians. With family health and wellness being the top priority for so many, North Carolinians deserve the opportunity to retain private insurance that fits their family’s individual needs.

North Carolinians have faced a difficult year, and we are not out of the woods yet. Our leaders should give our families and businesses the best opportunity to get back on our feet. Instead of turning to unaffordable, one-size-fits-all health insurance systems, we should make our current health care system even better and stronger, so more North Carolinians can access quality care and our communities can continue down the road to recovery.

Tommy Luckadoo lives in Hickory.