HARRINGTON: There is only one man that backs the blue

President Donald Trump salutes on the Blue Room Balcony, Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (AP Photo | Alex Brandon)

The concept of reimagining law enforcement is something being tossed around recently, but reimagining America without law enforcement is a much more accurate description of what the radical left is truly advertising.  The Democrats are proposing an America where police are unable to respond to your call because tax dollars are being redirected to destructive, far-left policies that will dismantle the America we know.

Across the nation, law enforcement agencies are rushing to endorse President Trump, because they recognize that he is the only one who will not abandon them.

Organizations like the National Fraternal Order of Police have said President Trump’s support for our brave men and women in blue is “crystal clear.” Over a dozen different organizations have praised President Trump’s leadership and even formally endorsed him, despite some of these associations having a consistent history of endorsing Democrats. 

Even 55 of our very own North Carolina Sheriffs have endorsed President Trump for reelection along with the great Southern States Police Benevolent Association which called President Trump “the true law enforcement” candidate.

As Democrat-run cities across America are being destroyed by anarchists and our police officers are ambushed, there is only one man that is standing up to the mobs. President Trump is the only candidate who has condemned the violence since the very beginning.

He understands the importance of safe and secure communities. How can that be ensured when looting and destruction is not only allowed, but encouraged by the radical left?

As the chaos continues, we have heard Joe Biden proudly exclaim that he is all for defunding the police. His counterpart, Kamala Harris, likes to try and market this ridiculous notion as a feel-good “reimagining” of our law enforcement.

As we have seen, in her support of LA Mayor Eric Garcetti’s $150 million dollar police funding cut, reimagining our law enforcement is just a nice way of saying they plan to completely dismantle it.

As North Carolinians, we may think that our communities are far away from these dangerous ideas. However, our Democratic state leaders recently signed a pledge promising to reevaluate law enforcement in North Carolina, working with the Future Now Fund and their model policy, “Reimagine Communities Act.” These Democratic leaders also received maximum contributions from this group focused on actualizing the radical left-wing policies that will destroy our democracy.

They are not asking for reforms, rather they are forcing North Carolinians to give up their personal safety and peaceful communities in the name of the woke left-wing agenda. We, as North Carolinians cannot allow this to happen. Our law enforcement is made up of our neighbors, friends, and even family members.

My daughter honorably serves as a law enforcement officer here in North Carolina. She and her fellow officers willingly and knowingly risk their lives every single day, to make sure you and your family can live in peace, knowing that help is only a phone call away. 

President Trump is the only candidate that actively supports the men and women that make up our local law enforcement. President Trump is the only one that puts our communities first.

This November, you have a choice to make — and it is not a hard one. In November, I urge you to vote for law and order. Choose the candidate that will protect our communities and support the brave men and women in blue. Choose President Donald J. Trump.

Senator Kathy Harrington is from Gastonia, North Carolina and represents the 43rd State Senate District.