NC-11’s Democratic candidate has a number of disturbing tweets

Morris “Moe” Davis’ tweets contain profanity and range from profane and violent to insulting and misogynistic

moe davis tweet NCGOP
Screen capture of one of the tweets made by NC-11 Democratic Candidate Moe Davis.

RALEIGH — A number of disturbing tweets made by one of the candidates running in North Carolina’s 11th Congressional district surfaced as a result of debates held on Sept. 4 and 5.

Democratic candidate Morris “Moe” Davis is an attorney, and a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who was appointed in 2005 as a Chief Prosecutor of the Guantanamo military commissions. The 62-year-old was raised in Shelby, North Carolina.

Radio and podcast host Pete Kaliner was a panelist for the debates hosted by Blue Ridge Public Radio and Smoky Mountain News. During his questioning of the candidate on civil discourse and leadership, he highlighted a number of disturbing tweets from Davis during the debates that range from violent to misogynistic.

Kaliner’s list is lengthy, noting tweets from Davis, including a number attacking his young, wheelchair-bound opponent Madison Cawthorn as a “far-right hateful extremist,” “an alt-right extremist,” and a “lying bigot.” The most recent attack on Cawthorn by Davis came during the Republican National Convention, at which Cawthorn was a speaker.

Many of Davis’ tweets use profane language. An example of such is one attacking the President and the First Lady which was accompanied by a photo of the couple holding their son when he was an infant.

“You’ve got to be a 100% purebred worthless scumbag asshole to do a grinning photo doing a thumbs up while your foreign-born nude model 3rd wife holds the baby of 2 parents who were slaughtered by another asshole who was carrying out your racist asshole agenda!” Davis tweeted on Aug. 9 of 2019.

He also tweeted about the North Carolina Republican Party in Sept. 2019, calling the party “extremists” and alluding to snapping Republican necks.

“Screw they go low, we go high bullsh*t. When @NCGOP extremists go low, we stomp their scrawny pasty necks with our heels and once you hear the sound of a crisp snap you grind your heel hard and twist it slowly side to side for good measure. He needs to know who whupped his ass,” Davis tweeted just a few months before he filed to run for the NC-11 seat vacated by Mark Meadows when he became White House Chief of Staff.

This reporter pointed out the violent nature of the tweet attacking the NCGOP and Davis quickly responded that he made the tweet because “that was the day of the NC 9 special election… you know, the one caused by Republican voter fraud.”

Davis was asked to confirm that statement for the record but he chose to block this reporter instead.

The NC 9th District special election was the result of a ballot harvesting operation uncovered in Bladen County. Hearings over the ballot harvesting in Bladen by the N.C. State Board of Elections prompted the order for a new election for the 9th Congressional District seat.

The Bladen operation was conducted by McRae Dowless, who had worked for both Democrat and Republicans alike over the years.  During the 2018 election cycle, Dowless had worked for Republican candidate Dr. Mark Harris. In July of this year, after a year-long probe, Harris was cleared of wrong-doing.

Other past tweets by Davis that were uncovered include attacks on the National Rifle Association, referring to Trump rallies as “Klan rallies,” agreeing that “Make America Great Again” hats are the “new KKK hoods” and repeating Russian collusion conspiracy theories.

Yet another tweet attacked Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s religious beliefs with a string of insults about President Trump.

If you think you’ve been called by Christ while you’re serving as the lead fluffer for the profane, serial adultering, immoral, habitual lying, narcissistic, draft-dodging, grifter @realDonaldTrump then it’s obvious Jesus butt-dialed you by mistake,” reads Davis’ tweet from Oct. 2019.

Davis’ tweets also referred to the Covington Catholic students as “Magats,” a play on the word maggots. In 2019, at a protest near the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., Covington Catholic High school student Nick Sandmann and his fellow students were wrongfully accused of harassing professional Nathan Phillips, a professional activist.

After multiple media outlets ran short video clips showing only one side of the story and omitting key detail, the students received death threats and were doxed on social media. Sandmann hired attorney Lin Wood, who launched multi-million dollar defamation suits against various news outlets. To date, settlements Sandmann and his attorney have won settlements for undisclosed amounts against both CNN and the Washington Post.

Kaliner said he had additional questions for Davis which were not asked due to time constraints which he provided to North State Journal. Those questions involved Davis’ support for Democratic Virginia Governor Ralph Northam after photos surfaced of Northam wearing a KKK costume standing next to a person in Blackface.

Along that line of questioning, Kaliner notes that Davis attacked Megyn Kelly in 2018 for saying “Blackface was OK” when she was a child. However, when Joe Biden tweeted, “There is no place for racism in America. Governor Northam has lost all moral authority and should resign immediately,” Davis tweeted, “No group is better at organizing a circular firing squad than Democrats”

Davis doubled-down on his defense of Northam in a tweet implying that he himself would not have been able to “pass a purity test that measures me by who I was 35 years ago.”

In another tweet, Davis defended Northam again, stating that “If Ralph Northam isn’t qualified to be a Democrat then neither am I.  I’d like to think we both grew from serving in the military, changed our perspectives, and lived better lives afterwards, but if stupidity 35 years ago is disqualifying to be a Dem then count me out, too.”

In a third tweet defending Northam, Davis implies who is and who is not welcome in the Democratic party.

“If doing anything offensive 35 years ago is disqualifying regardless of the life you’ve led most white, male, straight southerners who despise the GOP & aren’t welcome in Democratic Party,” tweeted Davis.

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