GIDLEY: Ivanka Trump in North Carolina

Presidential advisor Ivanka Trump speaks during a news conference on July 24, 2020. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

It was a beautiful Monday afternoon in Wilmington when I had the honor of joining my friend, Ivanka Trump at a quaint little bakery downtown for a fireside chat. The President’s daughter is a key leader in the Administration, and we spoke with several residents of the Tar Heel State about President Trump’s record of accomplishments and the promises he has kept over the last four years.

It’s no secret President Trump has produced unprecedented results for North Carolinians throughout his first term. His historic tax cuts, deregulation, and pro-growth policies helped build a stronger economy for North Carolina workers and businesses. 235,000 jobs were added in the state between President Trump’s election and February 2020 – including 12,700 manufacturing jobs. He delivered the lowest unemployment rate in 20 years, unleashing opportunity, and prosperity for so many. The positive difference President Trump has made for working families is very real. His tax cuts allowed North Carolinians to keep an average of more than $1,300 in their pockets. 

As Ivanka reminded the crowd at the bakery, “the president has continued to put the American people at the heart and soul of every policy that he advances. What is core to him is fighting for American jobs, fighting for American values, fighting for safe communities, [and] fighting for opportunities for all Americans.”

Ivanka has worked closely with President Trump as he secured those successes like paid family leave, doubling the child tax credit, and getting the largest increase in block grants to states which provided more access to quality childcare for all families. The President is an advocate for school choice because all children deserve a good education, he got criminal justice reform passed – when Democrats never could – and paved the way for inmates to have the skills needed so as to be productive members of society after their debt was paid.

President Trump made sure billions of dollars were sent to North Carolina businesses so they could get through this unforeseen, unprecedented pandemic. He filled a stockpile, that Joe Biden left empty, with billions of pieces of equipment and provided families with trillions in resources they need to make ends meet as the nation recovers from the coronavirus outbreak.

Thanks to the President’s bold, decisive, and aggressive leadership, America is coming back quicker than anyone thought possible.

While President Trump has delivered on his promises over the last four years to put America First and unleash opportunity on every front, Joe Biden has nothing to show for his nearly 50-year career in Washington other than a failed record and disastrous policies.

We don’t have to guess how a Joe Biden economy would look; we saw it for eight years. Biden’s support of disastrous trade deals like NAFTA killed 354,000 North Carolinian manufacturing jobs, and his vote to normalize trade relations with China slaughtered 130,800 jobs across the Tarheel State. And the radical socialist policies that make up Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ leftist agenda in this year’s election – including trillion-dollar tax hikes, and the job-killing Green New Deal – would only add to Biden’s record of destruction.

The bottom line is this: A Joe Biden presidency would hurt North Carolina.

With President Trump, America has seen a record setting economy, the defeat of ISIS, a rebuilt U.S. military, trade deals that help the American worker, and peace deals that make the world safer.

With Joe Biden, America will return to slow wage growth, stagnant wages and an overbearing government bureaucracy in Washington that hurt our American businesses, families and way of life. He would take the country backwards with failed policies of the past – but President Trump will continue moving us forward with proven solutions that take us to a successful future.

Ivanka summed it up perfectly when she eloquently drew from the state’s motto, “To be, rather than to seem,” to describe the two candidates for President: “On one hand you have a person who is a vessel for whatever the fringe of the party or the mainstream media want him to be, but on the other hand you have someone who is arguably the most authentic president we’ve ever had.”

North Carolinians can’t afford four years of a weak-kneed Washington bureaucrat with a 47-year career of failure in the White House. They want four more years of real results, promised kept, unprecedented success, and a greater America for generations to come. President Trump is the only one who can deliver for North Carolina and that’s why we have to re-elect him in November. 

Hogan Gidley is Press Secretary for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.