Trump campaign launches new ads in N.C.

Still image from new ad campaign from President Trump's re-election campaign.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign returned to the television airwaves in the state on Monday with two new ads. The new spots, according to the campaign, work to define Joe Biden as an empty vessel being used by the extreme left to advance their radical agenda. The campaign paused advertising for several days, now focusing especially on states expected to have heavy absentee mail participation.

The advertising strategy reflects a condensed 2020 calendar, with more than half of voters expected to cast their ballots before November 3rd. According to the N.C. State Board of Elections, absentee ballots will be sent beginning the first week of September.

“The countdown clock may show 91 days left in the race, but in reality the election starts a lot sooner than that,” said Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien.

The ads, titled “Takeover” and “Cards” by the campaign, take on tax policy, illegal immigration, and police funding.

“North Carolinians will not be fooled – Joe Biden is the vessel for the far left’s takeover. Through him they will raise taxes on every North Carolinian, destroy America’s energy sector, and give taxpayer funded health coverage to illegal immigrants,” said Trump Victory spokesperson Danielle Alvarez.

The two ads can be viewed here.