TILLIS: DNC shows two paths offered to voters

Sen. Thom Tillis

As the Democrats finish their virtual convention this week, it is clear that there are two very distinct paths being offered to voters this November. North Carolinians can either cast their votes to continue our economic recovery and get our state back to work, or they can choose to undo all of the progress we have made so far and pave the way for an extreme liberal takeover.

It is no exaggeration to say that a Biden presidency with a Democrat Senate would drastically change the direction of this country.

Just look at the tax-hiking agenda that Joe Biden and my opponent, Cal Cunningham, are proposing. Last time Cunningham was in charge during a recession he broke a no-tax-increase pledge and hiked taxes by $1 billion, which even liberal policy experts say “disproportionately hurt the lower class.” Now, he is teaming up with Joe Biden to increase taxes again. The Biden tax plan would hike rates by $4 trillion and impact taxpayers of all income brackets. In a time where we should be focused on providing relief to those who are hurting, Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham would leave the most vulnerable North Carolinians holding onto their wallets.

The Biden-Cunningham money grab doesn’t stop there. They both want to inject Green New Deal priorities into COVID-19 relief legislation and force us back into harmful environmental agreements where other countries would be able to regulate our farms and factories out of business. And in opposing President Trump’s tough-on-China trade policies, Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham have shown that they do not have what it takes to stop China from stealing our jobs and intellectual property.

The damage Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham would do to the economy is amplified by the dangers they present to the safety of North Carolina families. Both Cunningham and Biden want to make it easier to sue police officers, which would lead to massive retirements and render our law enforcement ineffective. They would also “enable” sanctuary cities. Picture a world where violent illegal immigrants can commit crimes at will with members of law enforcement too underfunded or too timid to stop them. That’s exactly what Joe Biden and Cal Cunningham are advocating for.

If the Biden-Cunningham vision for our country doesn’t sound bad enough on its own, it got a whole lot worse this week when Kamala Harris’ addition to the Democrat ticket was made official. This is another area where my opponent and I disagree. Cal Cunningham says that Kamala Harris’ ideas make her “good for North Carolina.” I think they make her a disaster for our efforts to get our state back on track.

As North Carolinians continue to struggle during this pandemic, I don’t think Harris’ idea to eliminate employer-based health insurance is the answer. And I certainly don’t think opening up our borders so North Carolinians can foot the bill for the health care of illegal immigrants is the answer either.

President Trump and I have a much different vision for the next four years.

We want to build our economy back through lower taxes, reduced regulation and winning trade deals – just like we did when we turned the broken economy we inherited from Biden and his Democratic allies into one of the most prosperous economies in our nation’s history.

Together, we completed a successful overhaul of our tax code and put money back into the pockets of hard-working North Carolinians. We slashed burdensome Obama-era red tape, which allowed our small businesses to flourish and brought jobs back for North Carolina’s farmers and manufacturers through tough-on-China trade deals. Our pro-growth policies helped us see record job numbers, historically low unemployment for women and minorities and unprecedented wage increases for blue collar workers.

And throughout this virus, we’ve been fighting to protect North Carolina’s frontline workers and small business owners. We’ve worked to hold the Chinese government accountable for its COVID-19 lies and cover-ups, expedited COVID-19 testing, secured more than $1 billion for North Carolina’s healthcare providers and saved over 1 million jobs in our state through the Paycheck Protection Program.

President Trump and I know that the best path forward for our country is not through the job-killing agenda that our opponents are pushing, but through the same pro-growth policies that had North Carolina thriving in the first place. Before this virus, we built a record-setting economy and we’ll never stop fighting until we do it again.