The American Dream of entrepreneurship

In 2009 when I was Miss California USA, Donald J. Trump called me into his office. He sat me down and asked an unexpected question — “What do you want to do in life?” Immediately after I answered, this billionaire businessman got on the phone and started making calls on my behalf. He went out of his way to help a young 21-year-old girl who dared to speak her truth at Miss USA.

Looking back now, 11 years later, this was only a small preview of what President Trump would do for our nation.


Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, I saw how fast he got to work — this time, on behalf of the entire country. Entrepreneurs are one of the biggest beneficiaries of President Trump’s historic tax reform, and the Trump Administration has continued to reduce unnecessary regulations for small business owners.

This empowerment has gone beyond just businesses. The Trump Administration has prioritized empowering women to pursue careers and realize their economic potential. Before the economy was artificially interrupted, women’s unemployment reached record lows. President Trump created 4.3 million jobs for women before the coronavirus hit.

Inspired by President Donald J. Trump’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership, I started my small business the year he took office. With hard work, dedication, and prayer, my company — Bella Grace Jewelry — was born. After just a few short years, I noticed how incredibly successful my business had become. Bella Grace Jewelry is now sold in stores, boutiques, and hotels across the nation.

The success of my business is a direct result of the Trump Administration’s policies. Rather than seeing small business as a burden, President Trump removed regulations and promoted an environment of growth.

Even in economically depressed communities, President Trump’s historic Tax Cut and Jobs Act included a provision to create Opportunity Zones. This policy facilitates new business growth and job opportunities for those often left behind by mainstream politicians.

From the success of my business to the new opportunities for growth across our country, President Trump is the champion of the American dream that so many of us strive for. However, we can only attain this vision of greatness when we have leaders like President Trump fighting on our behalf.

I am comforted knowing we have a successful business owner running our country. He knows what he’s doing, unlike the politicians who have never had a job outside of public office. Because of his experience in business and passion for the American people, President Trump built the strongest economy once, and he is doing it again!

I am a proud mother, business owner, and women entrepreneur. And, with President Trump in office for four more years, I know that the best is yet to come. We must re-elect Donald Trump in 2020 because  otherwise, small businesses like mine will be destroyed. Just as he was willing to advocate for me 11 years ago, he will continue to fight for the American Dream for our great nation.

Carrie Prejean (Boller) is a former model, Miss California USA, and first runner up in the Miss USA Pageant in 2009. Carrie is the owner and designer of Bella Grace Jewelry, and is a devoted mother of two children and wife to former NFL quarterback, Kyle Boller.