Rep. Murphy, NCGOP chairman say Biden-Harris ticket bad for N.C.

Congressman Dr. Greg Murphy (NC-03)

RALEIGH – On Monday Aug. 17, U.S. Rep. Dr. Greg Murphy (NC-03) and North Carolina Republican Party chairman Michael Whatley participated in a phone briefing to discuss the new Democratic ticket and preview the Republican National Convention next week.

Murphy began his remarks highlighting a Rasmussen poll finding that 59% voters don’t believe Democratic nominee Joe Biden would finish his first term.

“It is clear to me that Joe Biden is in cognitive decline,” Murphy said. “Any sliver of hope that Joe Biden would be a moderate president went out of the window after his selection of Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate. In 2019 she was rated the most liberal Senator in the U.S. – not Bernie Sanders. Not Elizabeth Warren – Kamala Harris.”

Murphy also said that voters in the state should evaluate the candidates based on their plans they’ve outlined on taxes, illegal immigration, and the Green New Deal.

Whatley outlined the plans for the RNC next week, saying that following the formal renomination of President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in Charlotte, the convention would take place around the country, culminating with President Trump giving his speech from the White House.

“The president wanted to be in Charlotte, unfortunately Gov. Roy Cooper made that impossible,” Whatley said.

Chairman Whatley also added that as absentee ballots begin going out in September, North Carolina is critical to President Trump’s re-election.

“We’re ready to win in North Carolina and deliver the state for President Trump,” Whatley said. The Trump campaign’s grassroots operation has made over 4 million voter contacts in the state, according to Whatley.

Absentee ballots will begin being mailed out by county board of election the week of Sept. 4.