BOYD: Do these pearls go with my AK-47?

Courtesy photo

Does this gun go with my handbag? Does an AK go with pearls? It’s what I found myself asking, when I found myself deep in God’s country holding a friend’s Kalashnikova, sights set on some poor dead stump.

Can you exercise your right to bear arms while baring arms in a floral sundress? I soon found I was not the only lady pondering Second Amendment rights and, of course, fashion. A picture was taken, posted on social media, and my inbox soon swelled. I imagined they’d be the typical “chicks with gun” fellas. Instead, I was surprised at women like myself. Wives, mothers, grandmothers interested in learning how to protect ourselves and those that we love.

I can’t help but notice an uptick in violence, and almost a societal acceptance of violent acts. Frankly, a restraining order is just a piece of paper, and violence can happen in the blink of an eye. This is why women, once a niche market in firearms, are now courted by manufacturers, and ladies’ concealed-carry courses are filling up faster than Tupperware parties during their heyday.

We know to never walk alone at night in a darkened parking lot, if we can help it, or at least to have our keys ready to “gouge” if attacked. We know we are to urinate if we are sexually assaulted to deter an attack. We know to kick out taillights if stuffed into a trunk. Men, think of your mother, your wife, your daughter. Chances are, they, or someone they know has been harmed. If we know so much about these terrible issues as women, why not learn to protect ourselves to the fullest extent?

Just recently, a recent divorcee texted me her whereabouts and details of her first date — in case she was to disappear without a trace or be harmed. Let that sink in: women have a network already in place, in the chance we are harmed.

Owning a firearm was intimidating. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s often a very divisive topic to many, even within my own family. That’s ok. I carry not because it makes ME comfortable, but because IT is a comfort. I can protect myself, my family. I have an obligation to do so as a mother.

The most helpful thing I’ve found is a network of friends — we go to a range, sample each other’s firearms and feel for ourselves.

I haven’t posted one single picture where a gentleman hasn’t offered unsolicited advice, despite the fact that I may actually have more practical experience! My favorite is my choice of footwear to the range. I’m expected to wear tactical boots, as if the bad guy is going to happen upon me when I’m wearing this side of a ghillie suit.

No. I’m likely going to be in what I’d always wear. Heels. Pearls too.

Why not indulge a bit of fashion into the experience? We’re buying designer purses to suit our carrying needs, not the other way around. We share pictures of our guns with as much enthusiasm as new jewelry or clutches. I will confess, I found a bullet casing in my “messy bun” after a day at the range, and my gel manicures might be just a tad shorter. We also name our guns and take great delight in sharing our experiences. Why not add a dash of distinction and fun? That builds confidence. Confidence aids ability; ability lends to proficiency; and that, dear reader, means protection.

Women have historically risen to every great occasion, every challenge, often superseding our male counterparts. Women are anything but weak, as we have proven time after time. We are all different, multi-faceted, diverse in our attributes, but one thing we must be more of is self-reliant.

We have an obligation to be our own heroes, not complacent; be a damsel if we wish, just not in distress.