Ace Speedway ordered closed by judge appointed by Gov. Cooper

RALEIGH – A judge ordered Ace Speedway to shut down in a hearing on Thursday in Alamance County, according to WFMY. The ruling comes after the N.C. Department of Health of Human Services filed a temporary restraining order to close the racetrack.

Superior Court Judge David D. Thomas Lambeth, Jr. said he understood the balancing act state officials had to make between the economy and the public health crisis.

“I am certain that governmental leaders across this country are trying their best just as our local leaders are to keep our people healthy but to also let people try to work, and I don’t think anybody takes delight in having a business not be able to come to their establishments, Ace Speedway included. But it is clearly – in Dr. Cohen’s verified complaint – and all the accompanying documents make it very clear that there is an imminent health hazard in our state and in our county,” said Lambeth.

Lambeth, a registered Democrat, has served as a judge since 2007 and was appointed by Gov. Roy Cooper to his current position in June 2017. According to the Burlington Times-News, Lambeth worked in private practice for 22 years before becoming a judge and previously served on the Alamance-Burlington Board of Education.

In response to the decision, Ace Speedway owners Jason and Robert Turner wrote on the speedway’s Facebook page:

“Due to the TRO placed on Ace Speedway, Thursday open practice has been cancelled.

Also our June 13th and June 19th Events have been cancelled. We want to thank everyone for their unwavering support. We will resume our season as soon as possible.

Private Track rentals will still be scheduled by appointment only so that we can maintain 25 people or less.

Thank you to our local officials who have stood by their beliefs. Thank you to our fans, our employees, our sponsors and our race teams who have expressed their support through the good and the bad. Continue to stick with us, this does not mean 2020 is over, just on hold.

Thank you and God Bless you all!”

A GoFundMe has been organized to help pay for the track’s legal bills and earned a $1,000 donation from Lt. Gov. Dan Forest.