Court of Appeals judges create summer appellate seminar

Judges at the NC Court of Appeals taken September 2019. Photo via NC Court of Appeals website.

RALEIGH — Court of Appeals judges Richard Dietz and Phil Berger Jr. have created a five-week summer seminar for law students who have lost summer internship placement due to COVID-19. The seminar is designed to provide law students with practical knowledge and experience in what would otherwise be a lost summer for learning and application.

The focus will be on appellate practice from the trial court through the conclusion of the appellate process. Students will examine the structure of appellate review, how judges decide cases, the unique procedural and jurisdictional issues that arise on appeal, and emerging issues in civil and criminal law that frequently make their way to appellate courts.

Students in the seminar will be given interactive lectures, recommended readings, and suggested writing assignments. Students will also have the option to volunteer for research assignments to gain insight into the work of an appellate law clerk.

The seminar will run from June 1 through July 1 and will be offered at no cost to students attending law schools in North Carolina.