Over 70 of NC’s 100 counties have passed a Second Amendment resolution

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RALEIGH – Three more county commissions have passed resolutions in support of the Second Amendment, bringing the total to 71 as of March 9. Several more are considering similar measures.

On March 2, commissioners in Perquimans, Polk, and Wilson counties voted to approve measures adding them to the list of what have become known as “2A Sanctuaries.”

The six commissioners in Perquimans County unanimously passed its resolution to support the Second Amendment rights of its citizens. The Perquimans measure also vows to oppose enactment of any legislation that infringes on those rights.

Almost every hand in the room went up after commissioners in Polk County asked citizens in attendance to raise their hands if they supported a Second Amendment resolution. Immediately afterward, the commissioners unanimously passed the measure, which resolves to defend the right to bear arms:

“NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Polk County Board of Commissioners do hereby reconfirm our solemn duty to support, maintain and defend the inalienable rights of our citizens, including those rights for an individual to keep and bear arms which was recognized in both the United States and North Carolina Constitution as a preexisting natural right which is not to be infringed; and further, that no public funds, resources, employees, buildings or offices which are under the control and direction of Polk County shall be used in any manner in contravention of the mandates of said supreme laws of the land.”

The scene at the Wilson County Commission meeting was similar to that of Polk’s, but with around half a dozen citizens speaking out in favor of passing a Second Amendment resolution.

The Wilson County amendment expresses, in part, opposition to any law that would infringe on the Second Amendment rights of the residents of the county.
Michael McCroskey, a resident of Wilson County his entire life of 53 years, spoke to the Wilson County commissioners in support of passing a Second Amendment resolution.

“It’s not about gun violence; it’s about slowly taking our rights away,” McCroskey said.

“It’s time we stand together for the Second Amendment and stop punishing good law-abiding citizens,” McCroskey said, noting that 66 other counties have already passed a Second Amendment resolution.

“Gentlemen, what we are here to ask you tonight is to stand with us, stand beside us, stand behind us and make Wilson County a constitutional rights-protected county.”

David Finnegan-Hosey, a chaplain on the campus of Barton College, spoke against the measure. He is the author of the book “Christ on the Psych Ward” and “Grace is a Preexisting Condition,” which is subtitled “Faith, systems and mental healthcare.”

“On my campus, I think every day what I would do if a gunman were to enter a classroom,” Finnegan-Hosey said. “Or if a gunman were to enter the chapel where we pray and worship.”

Finnegan-Hosey claimed that preventing people from obtaining a firearm was the best way to keep people from killing themselves. He also said, “It is simply not the case that people will commit suicide by any means necessary, but rather the means that are available to them are one of the most important warning signs.”

Linda Cooper-Suggs, Wilson County Democratic Party Chairwoman, also spoke against passing a Second Amendment resolution.

The resolution passed by a 5-2 vote.

County Map as of March 10, 2020:

2A Map Original 03-11-2020

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