North Carolina Chamber opposes ‘Shelter in Place’ restrictions

Photo of Gary Salamido courtesty of North Carolina Chamber

RALEIGH – North Carolina Chamber CEO Gary Salamido penned a letter saying the state’s experience responding to natural disasters has citizens well-positioned to avoid a total shutdown. “Undoubtedly, public health and safety sits prominently as our lodestar, but tripping the main breaker can only be a last resort.”

Salamido added that the state’s private sector has developed expertise enacting emergency response plans to protect employees and keep operations running.

“The disruption a shelter-in-place order would generate for the private sector, and for North Carolina citizens whose financial well-being and overall welfare depends on their ability to work, cannot be underestimated. It would fashion a massive disturbance that could create the opposite of its intended effect by interfering with the very economic activity that is protecting our state and its citizenry from disaster” said Salamido.

Pitt County’s Board of Commissioners enacted a “Stay Home” order for unincorporated areas of Pitt County. The order limits all non-essential travel within the unincorporated areas of the county and limits gatherings in assembled groups to no more than 10 persons. The order is set to last for two weeks from begninning Wednesday, March 25 until April 8 with a scheduled reevaluation afterwards.

Salamido’s full letter can be viewed here.