NC State Treasurer tests positive for coronavirus

Dale Folwell speaks at an NCGOP Event. Photo by Robert Clark North State Journal

RALEIGH – State Treasurer Dale Folwell said on Wednesday he tested positive for COVID-19 after returning to Raleigh from a trip with his son.

“I experienced what I thought was my seasonal reaction to spring pollen which has always severely accentuated my cough. Obviously, I was aware of the COVID-19 pandemic so I monitored my temperature and saw no increase through the weekend even as my cough seemed to worsen. After consulting with a physician, I was tested on the afternoon of Monday, March 23, and was informed late last night of a positive result” said Folwell in a press statement.

Folwell said he has quarantined myself and will follow his physician’s advice as to when he will return to the office. The staff at the Department of State Treasurer and will adjust their work plans so only those necessary for continuing business services will be in the building.  

“My thoughts and prayers are with not only those who are sick, but those who are impacted by the vast financial fallout of this pandemic. We will continue to work diligently to make sure retiree checks still go out on time, the State Health Plan provides comprehensive health care coverage, and state banking operations continue uninterrupted” said Folwell.

Folwell is believed to be the first member of the Council of State to test positive for the coronavirus. Earlier this month, NSJ documented that Gov. Roy Cooper was one mile from a confirmed case in Florida, where he attended a campaign fundraiser. The office did not respond when asked if Cooper had been tested.