Latest executive order loosens regulations on child care, DMV

Governor Roy Cooper. Photo by Robert Clark North State Journal

RALEIGH – Gov. Roy Cooper issued his latest executive order on Saturday. The order, which was approved with a concurrent vote by the Council of State, deals with child care and the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). 

The order waives restrictions to increase access for caregivers to provide flexible child care and elder care during the coronavirus pandemic. The order also provides flexibility to local health departments working to adapt to the increased need for their resources.

Secondly, it provides for ways for DMV offices to enact social distancing protections, and waives some registration requirements to ensure resources can be delivered by truck throughout the state. The transportation waiver also postpones some DMV hearings and waives commercial driver’s license requirements to ensure school buses can be utilized in responding to the crisis.

“Doctors, nurses, first responders and other critical personnel need to know their children are safe so they can continue to respond during this time of crisis,” said Cooper. “And we’re loosening trucking requirements so important medicine and equipment can get quickly to the people in all 100 counties that need it.”

The full executive order can be viewed here