Jim O’Neill wins Republican nomination for Attorney General

Jim O'Neill
Jim O'Neill

RALEIGH — Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill won the Republican nomination with almost 47% of the vote to advance to November’s election against first-term Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein.

O’Neill, who has served as Forsyth County’s District Attorney since 2009, was the runner-up in 2016’s Republican primary. Now, he has his chance to win the general election in November.

“I feel blessed the voters of North Carolina cast their ballots and put their trust in me” said O’Neill in an interview with NSJ. “My promise to them is to work just as hard for them across our state as I have for Forsyth County.” O’Neill won 85 of the state’s 100 counties.

Television ads were a story in the Republican primary, with O’Neill and Durham attorney Christine Mumma trading attack ads. When asked about the primary opponents, O’Neill said he “certainly hopes all Republicans will come together and unite so we can win in November.”

Raleigh attorney Sam Hayes took home 31% of the vote, with Mumma finishing third with 22% Tuesday night.

Today O’Neill expanded on one of the major themes of his campaign and the job Stein has done since his election in 2016.

“The Attorney General’s office has become too politicized. The Attorney General is supposed to be the top prosecutor in the state, and I’m the only prosecutor in the race. It’s a job I’ve done for the past 24 years,” said O’Neill, who served as an assistant district attorney in Forsyth County prior to becoming the district attorney.

O’Neill expanded, indicating he would have a better relationship with law enforcement than Stein.

“I have strong relationships with law enforcement, strong relationships with ICE, working together to aggressively prosecute individuals who are committing crimes,” O’Neill said. “That’s why I’m so proud Winston-Salem is the safest city in the state.”