DAVIDSON: Hate bubbling over 

Its rumored that bad luck comes in threes, a holdover phenomenon from World War II. If soldiers sought to light three cigarettes with a single match, by the time the third soldier extended a cigarette, the enemy had fired. 

Today, Democrats in the House of Representatives have to contend with three seething cauldrons of hate: Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib. These congresswomen arrived in Washington ready to vent at the touch of a hat. 

Exactly who do Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib hate, other than Donald Trump, his family, his administration, the military, I.C.E. and law enforcement? They hate anyone who voted for Donald Trump, Jews and Israel, in particular. 

What do Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, and Tlaib hate? Pretty much any policy of Barack Obama that Donald Trump maintains (or improves), or decides was poorly conceived and reverses. For reasons that they cant defend if reasonably challenged, they hate the phrases, Make America Great Again, and Keep America Great. They hate sensible budgets, people having to pay their own way, and fundamental differences between men and women. 

If I happened to be a ranking member of Congress, perhaps with a committee chairmanship, Id be aghast. These three ladies are so vocal: I would be irate about how much airtime they grab and how de facto they represent the new face of the Democratic Party. 

Do any levelheaded Democrats believe that advocating for open borders, condoning the activities of antifa, espousing that college should be free (which, of course, means that someone else pays), absolving all student debt, claiming that Medicare should be provided for all, weakening the military, and converting to a socialist state is going to win them a national election? 

When you stroll through a supermarket today and see the abundance of fruits and vegetables, cheeses, nuts, meats, packaged goods, frozen foods, soft drinks, beers, wines and pharmaceuticals, etc., is there any question about the bounty bestowed upon our society from centuries of capitalism? 

When you visit an auto dealership and observe the abundance of cars, when you step onto a college campus — and there are 2,600 major colleges in the U.S. — and see the magnificent architecture, the fountains, the walkways, the vibrancy, why would you choose to mess with an economic system that delivered this? 

When you contemplate the gleaming cities from coast-to-coast, the civic centers, skyscrapers, town halls, sports stadiums, ice-skating rinks, greenways, resorts, and endless highways and byways, why would you ever advocate a risky proposition  socialism  which has never benefitted a single generation in a single nation? 

When you consider the miraculous breakthroughs benefitting people around the globe, from the smartphone, to the internet, to LASIK surgery, to pacemakers, to the worlds best dental care, what would prompt you to think that a socialist society could ever produce innovative entrepreneurs found in every state and every county in America? 

How much do you have to hate America, our way of life, and everything that we stand for, to imply that it all has to be undone? How grossly do you have to ignore that people from across the globe want to emigrate here, while virtually no one — not Alec Baldwinnot Barbra Streisand, and not the foul-mouthed Robert DeNiro — wants to leave? 

How overly focused on disparities and injustices do you have to be  which occur in every nation, all the time  to say that this nation, above all others, is the most evil? Yes, unquestionably strive to alleviate the disparity, and eliminate the injustices. To throw out the all-time super-baby with the bath water, however, is beyond stupidity and beyond ignorance.  

Its origins are grounded in seething hatred. 

Jeff Davidson is The Work-Life Balance Expert® and he speaks to organizations worldwide.